Find the Best Games You Can Play with Friends Online When Stuck at Home

Want to find the best games you can play with friends online when stuck at Home? Well, now more than ever, as people are looking for fun activities to do with other people without having to physically be in their presence, online games is a better solution than ever. since we’re all physically distancing ourselves from one another right now, there’s no better way to help keep each other amused than by playing some games together. Please note this is only a partial list of free and fee based games. Of course, there are tons out there to choose from,

Online multiplayer games

One of the most popular types of games are online games.  They are great at bringing people together online. There are any number of online-based multiplayer games that you can enjoy, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Sea of Thieves and others.

Now more than ever is a great time to get into a massively multiplayer online game. Some of the most popular right now include Final Fantasy XIV and Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online. Depending on whether you want fantasy, chaos, or cowboy, there’s an MMO for you. Personally, I just started World of Warcraft Classic, a revived classic. 

Cooperative games

Don't want to throw yourself into a massive online multiplayer environment? Stardew Valley now has a multiplayer component in which your friends can essentially become itinerant workers on your farm.

Also, the relaxing Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just come out for the Nintendo Switch. Then of course there is Minecraft is, popular and friendly multiplayer. If you’re feeling a little humorous, you can play your friends at Jackbox Party Pack, which you can get on just about every console and PC gaming store out there. 

Board and card games

For those of you old school people, there are several online board and card games that can be played with friends — not everything has to be a “video game” in the modern sense. You can play games like Monopoly on Pogo, though you still do have to create an account in order to start a game. I wouldn’t recommend playing it if you want to keep your friends, however — Pogo also has more placid, less rage-inducing games like Yahtzee Party and Scrabble.

You can also find a Chess game online thanks to Tabletopia. s for card games, both UNO and Cards Against Humanity are available online — a family-friendly option and a raunchier one, for a little variety. 

Of course, there are thousands and thousands of games out there, however, hopefully this gives you a few ideas. 

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