Find the Best Bars and Stools for Your Dining Room Set

More and more people are including bars in their dining room sets. Having a bar in your home is particularly important if you host parties regularly. You will get many points from business partners, clients/customers, and potential soul mates if you have a bar in your house. So, how do you find the best bars and stools for your dining room set? When searching for a bar, consider the number of people who you wish the bar to serve. Consider what the bar comes with.  A good bar is one that comes with such important bar accessories as bar ice bucket & tongs, glassware, including 7 ounce glasses, bar jiggers, drink shakers, bottle openers, corkscrew, and bar stools. Consider the size of the space available when determining the size of the bar. The bar should blend in with the rest of the room. It should not be too prominent that it sacks the life out of the rest of the room. You should also consider the maximum number of people you intend to serve at any one time when settling on the size of the bar.

Use the "measure-twice, buy-once" rule to find the best bars and stools for your dining room set. There is a formula that is used to determine the number of bar stools to be bought. You should, also, ensure that the stools are of a sufficient height. They should not be too high that people struggle to sit down or too low that your guests feet touch the ground. The industry standard is 10 to 13 inches between the bottom of the counter and the stool seat. This enables your guests to comfortably site, swivel, and cross their legs.

Consider your specific requirements and the type of guests you will be hosting. This will help you determine if the bar stool should have a back. Modern bar stools have backs, making them a lot more comfortable. Go for bar stools that swivel since this ensures people will not damage your floor dragging the stool to get into a sitting position or out of a sitting position. This is a particularly important consideration if you have kids. Ensure that the bar stools you buy are padded. This is not only attractive, it is also brings about comfort. Consider the material used to make the bar stool. It should be strong and durable. Safety considerations are very important. You should take into account older folk, overweight folk, short folks, and kids.

Consider the rest of the decor as you find the best bars and stools for your dining room set. The bar and bar stools should complement the rest of the house and bar decor. As an example, if you have a mahogany bar, dark wood bar stools will do. If you are spoilt for choice, note that you will never go wrong with stainless steel. If you have the money, go for adjustable bar stools. Height adjustment is particularly helpful.

As you find the best bars and stools for your dining room set, consider the price. It is human nature to search for the cheapest deal, but you should note that you expect to pay for quality. You should actually be skeptical with overly cheap bars and stools.

Consider flexibility when buying bars and bar stools. Go for fixtures that are not permanent if you are not sure you want to have the bar for an extended period. Read independent reviews and customer testimonials to find the best bars and bar stools. You could enlist the services of an interior decorator to help you find the best bars and stools for your dining room set.

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