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Looking to find information on Numedia? Want to know all about their streaming service and compensation plan? NUmedia gives you live hdtv, sports channels, premium channels, children's channels, thousands of movies on demand, hundreds of TV series and huge international channels!

The best part about Numedia, is while there is a monthly fee, for many, it doesn’t cost, but actually pays. NuMedia Doesn’t Cost... It Pays! Think about often are you shown a product or service that you really like and wanted to tell everyone about it and got paid to do that?

Why Choose NuMedia? 

  • Thousands of people subscribe every single month to enjoy its service, especially for the price. Some of the highlights are:
  • No Contract - Many like the fact that there are no long term contracts or commitments with NuMedia.  You can start right away and can stop at anytime.
  • Huge US & International Selections - You get hundreds of US channels including many premium movie channels.  You also can get thousands of International channel options.
  • Global Media - NuMedia works in most countries around the world. All you need is good internet connection to use and share.
  • Lowest Cost Media - Imagine that you can get thousands of channels and all the popular channels including Sports, News and Movie Channels for only $49.95 a month.
  • How does Numedia’s web portal work?

The NuMedia web portal was built to provide instant and simple access by any Internet connected device.  You simply need to enter your username and password provided with your NUmedia account or 24 hr trial

What is the best way to view and play NUmedia?

The best choice of a  media player for NUmedia is probably the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. You can easily purchase the Fire Stick from you local Best Buy or Target department store or you can also order them directly from

Where can I get the Numedia App?

You can download the app instantly from the Google App Store 

Can I download NUmedia on my computer?

Yes you can download NUmedia onto your Windows PC and/or Apple Mac computers and view it like any other device.

How many devices can I activate with  my Numedia account?

Currently, you can download and activate NUmedia on up to 4 devices or TV's including computers, android cell phone, web portal and as mentioned the the Amazon Fire Sticks.

How do I get Local Channels?

Since NUmedia is a streaming media service, all the content that they stream comes from the same sources.  As a result it isn't likely that your local channels are not available with NUmedia.  However there are a couple of other solutions.  Depending on your area, you may be able to download your local channels directly to the firestick. You can also probably purchase a digital antenna that when installed in a separate input on your TV,. this will allow you yo be able to switch to that input and enjoy most local channels in the local area.  

Do I need a Smart TV to use Numedia?

While a Smart TV is not required,  some Smart TV's will allow for the installation of the NuMedia app. 

How much is the NUmedia service?

The NUmedia streaming service is only $49.95 per month.  There are no additional costs or fees with your monthly payment.  With it, you get You get all 1,500+ channels, over 8,000 Video On Demand, 800+ TV series and huge international channels as well.

How can I get the NUmedia service for free?

According to the companies site, all you need to do is refer 5 customers for the $49.95 monthly service and you will earn $10 from each of them.  You get paid this $10 referral bonus each and every month as long as they remain active paying customers.

How much does it cost to be a promoter?

There are many financial benefits for becoming a STAR Promoter. (1) You can become a 1 STAR Promoter for only $259 plus $49.95 for 1st mos service. (2) You can become a 2 STAR Promoter for only $499 plus $49.95 for 1st mos service, and (3) You can become a 3 STAR Promoter for only $995 plus $49.95 for 1st mos service.

Are you locked into a contract?

No, you are not locked into a contract with NUmedia. Your NUmedia service is month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime without any penalty. Visit the company for details and other information

So if you are looking to find Information on NUmedia and their online streaming service, NUmedia Reviews,  FAQS on NUmedia or their  MLM Compensation Plan, we hope this helps on your path.

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