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If you or someone you know is having serious legal issues, whether they are civil or criminal, then it is probably time to find a lawyer.  The process can be intimidating, and there are people out there who unfortunately will try to take advantage of you in this situation.  But, there are many good lawyers out there as well.  Finding one does not need to scare you.  With the many tools that are now available on line, it is now very easy to find a qualified lawyer for free that can assist you.

If you do not know how to find a lawyer, then the best way to start is on line.  National and local bar associations regulate the legal profession.  They also provide tools to help people find legal assistance.  These are not referrals, however.  This is just access to names of lawyers in a given area who can assist you. 

Another way how to find a lawyer who is qualified is to ask for referrals.  We all know somebody who has had to use the services of a lawyer.  And if we don’t, then we surely have friends who do.  Sometimes, you might be surprised to find out that someone you went to school with is now a lawyer.  Personal referrals are an excellent way to find a lawyer.

The use of referrals is probably the most important way people use to get legal help.  Unlike the information from bar associations, personal referrals actually let you know whether a lawyer did a good job or not.  You can still take this information and research the names with the local bar association to see if the lawyers are in good standing.

Lawyers and legal help are very expensive.  If you are one of the many who simply cannot afford legal fees, then you can still find a free lawyer.  There are legal aid societies in almost every city.  These are not for profit organizations who are dedicated to representing people who cannot otherwise afford legal representation.  If you qualify for assistance, then they will provide you with a lawyer who will work for you at no cost.

Lawyers work with legal aid groups to fulfill their pro bono requirements.  All lawyers are required to work a certain amount of pro bono, or for free, hours a year.  But, not all lawyers do this through legal aid.  So, if legal aid cannot help you to find a free lawyer, there is still some hope.  You can contact your state or local bar association and tell them that you need assistance.  They can then forward that information on to lawyers that are still looking to fulfill their pro bono requirements.

Any time when you need legal representation is a stressful time.  Obtaining effective legal help that you can afford can be difficult.  There are resources available to help people find the legal help they need, and some of these resources offer free legal aid.  Whether you use the local bar association, legal aid societies, or referrals from friends, do not let anxiety cause you to wait too long to find a lawyer.

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