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Wells can be a source of water for homes and sometimes businesses. They may be more prevalent in rural areas because the water lines from the city or town may not extend that far out of the city limits.  Laying pipes to do so may be too expensive and so people drill wells for water. The well drilling rig can be parked over the area to drill after the area has been tested for the location of the groundwater that will feed the well.  Wells that run dry can pose a problem for homeowners that are not able to afford to tap into city water for financial or accessibility reasons. Some new ones may be drilled close to the wells that run dry because it is a matter or how deeply to dig to reach the water.

If you are the well drilling company that comes to dig a new well for a homeowner, when your well drilling rig pulls up, you may be more popular than the ice cream truck. In addition to the drilling and set up of new wells offering pump repair and other supportive services can mean that the customers that have aging equipment will count on your service to make sure their pumps and other equipment can be taken care of by your service so that it will last as long as possible.

Cleaning out the well and screens with other equipment can also add to your service menu. Doing maintenance on the pumps can also provide at least a somewhat steady stream of income and it can allow you to maintain the connection and contacts with your clients.  The relationships can be great for referrals and for recommendations. If you are only a residential well drilling operation, then expanding into the industrial venue might be a smart move.  Utilizing your expertise and your equipment can make drilling wells for water for industrial sites about the same as for the homeowner.

With the natural gas drilling that is taking place in many areas of the United States, making sure that the water supply is safe and is not interfered with by the shale work. Could you tap into that initiative?  It may be something to investigate so that it can add another dimension to what you are able to offer to customers.  Getting single clients that are homeowners and also the industrial or corporate clients can make your business a well-rounded one that has enough work to continue to sustain you in spite of the slow economy.

Technology is booming in almost every industry and well drilling is no exception.  With the newer techniques, possibly new equipment a drilling company that pursues the most up-to-date information and works toward offering the newest technology to their customers could be the one that gets more calls.  Once the training or new initiatives have been implemented, the next step is to publicize that fact because your customers should know that they are getting the cutting edge technology or the newest techniques that can make their process as streamlined an efficient as possible.

Wells and the equipment that keeps them running can be maintained by a reputable service.  If you are a company that can offer great customer support and repair or replacement for the pump or pump system you can be an asset to your community. Using the best equipment from your drilling rig to the bits and the pumps that you install can keep things working well for many years.  Maintaining the relationships with your clients through yearly maintenance is a great way to keep your reputation solid.

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