Does Waterproofing a Basement Work and How Much it Costs

Ever wonder of waterproofing a basement works and how much it costs? Many people love their basement, but constantly finding water on the floor is upsetting. Would waterproofing a basement work? What is involved. Let's help you with figure it out. 

What are the basement waterproofing methods?

There is a list of techniques out there that claim to solve the water problems in your basement. Most of them are only directed at controlling the water that has already filled the basement. But you really have plan long-term and look for the techniques that will impede the water from getting into the basement at all. 

The two essential methods that will potentially solve your basement water problems are an interior and exterior basement waterproofing. The interior method involves the maneuvering of the drainage to regulate the water entering the basement just to send it to a sump pump. This methods merely regulates the flow of water and doesn’t make the basement waterproof. Therefore it is more aptly dubbed as a water controlling method. Such water controlling methods use systems that work to pump the water out. 

The second method has been rather appropriate to be called a basement waterproofing method. This method is executed by exterior excavation at the foundation, installation of effective drainage and rendering the walls to impede the water from getting into the basement. 

These two methods can be thought of as a two-fold mechanism to treat your basement water problems. The first one will treat the water already in there and the second one will make sure that the water is impeded at future instances. 

Does it work?

Now there is a thing about the suitability of the methods. Many experts like the building department personnel, or the structural engineers always propound that the waterproofing method is the best suitable. However, some of the industry professionals recommend water control methods. One reason behind the second recommendation is that the installations for water control systems are way easier to get done with. There is no substantial time involved, no hefty equipment needed and requires negligible labor. It is not to say that the water control systems are not effective at all. But where you have cracking, mold or damp spots, then the water control systems might make things worse.

Experts come with all sorts of approaches to treating your problem. Some have a systems approach in that they are likely to suggest what seems to them easier as far as the installation and the work goes. Then there are some experts who have a more long-term approach that will solve the problem once and for all. However, what actual experts will do is that will assess your basement first to come up with an actual trigger point for your basement water problem. And then they will tailor the solution to your specific needs. 

Waterproofing of the basement will work, depending on what you get as a solution. A systems approach personnel will have the same solution to everyone having a range of basement water problems. These companies only have expertise in interior waterproofing, but to drive up their prices, they will add some exterior services like exploration trenches or drainage systems. You won’t be needing any of those because they are not real solutions. Just some embellishments that don’t work. The excavation will only work if the company digs to the foundations’ bottom. 

What is the cost of basement waterproofing?

Waterproofing the basement includes evaluation of the foundation and the home, treating the defects, treating the walls to impede the water, cleaning the window wells and the gutters. The installation would be carried out for a sump pump or a French drain or an epoxy injection. All this would result in the cost of $5000. When the house is in need of foundational repair, then the cost might go up to $7000. 

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