Considerations for Getting a Picture Framed

Pictures allow memories to be captured forever, which makes getting a picture framed an important part of the preservation process. Pictures can be professionally framed or framed at home with the correct picture framing tools. The cost of having a picture framed by a professional may be a deterrent, so learning to do it yourself is an option to consider. A picture framing magazine can provide ideas for styles and decorations.

One of the picture framing supplies available to help a beginner who is first starting out with framing is a framing kit. Framing a picture to display in the home will be different from framing one for an art gallery; the type of picture itself will also have an impact on the framing and appearance of the finished product. </P> <P>There are basic items included in the kits to frame pictures that include:

  • Molding the actual border of the frame.
  • There is an opportunity for creativity with the molding. The materials, finish and shape give a unique visual effect from the simplest to the most elaborate designs. The materials used to make them include acrylic, metal and wood; they may be left clear, stained or painted.
  • Mat board optional, gives frames visual accent to use shape, texture and color to showcase the frame as well as the photograph in it. These can be made from cotton, parchment or foam as well as a range of other materials.
  • Backing preserves integrity while providing support for the picture
  • Glazing protects photographs from the environment' destructive elements and it is usually clear acrylic or glass

A picture framing magazine can help with the decision of whether or not to select a prefabricated frame or have a custom-made frame for pictures. It can also give ideas for decorations and helpful hints for framing. The picture has to be measured before it can be framed to make sure that it is fitted correctly to the frame. Frames actually come in a variety of styles and sizes that can make the decision difficult to make, although traditionally metal frames are used for photographs and wood is used to frame paintings.

The taste of the person getting a picture framed will affect the final choice for materials used. Unusually sized pieces will likely need a custom frame, even though ready made frames come in a number of standard sizes. A professional framing service will be able to assist in every aspect of the process. There are some things that should be considered before hiring a company to frame a picture.

Considerations for hiring picture framers include:

  • The options available should be taken into consideration since the right company needs to be hired for this delicate task.
  • The amount of experience a company has with framing pictures
  • Whether or not you have the proper tools to perform the job
  • The material that you want the picture framed in
  • Matting material and the colors that you want to use
  • Elements the art work or picture need to be protected from

The process of getting a picture framed is not a difficult one but it is one that takes time and consideration before the final decisions are made. Picture framing tools and picture framing supplies can be purchased in a kit for those that would like to save money on the expense, but the final outcome may not be the desired one when first learning how to frame. The expense of having an item framed by a professional should not be the final determination; the amount of skill and the item itself should help with the final decision of having it framed professionally or doing it yourself.