Compare Best Type Massage - Shiatsu Thai and Swedish

Different types of massage therapy techniques are usually designed to cater for the needs of specific audiences. Should you be wondering whether to get a shiatsu or a Swedish massage, you need to get information on what makes one massage therapy different from the other. You should compare best type massage before you go ahead and select any of them.

The shiatsu massage is an ancient type of massage that was used by the Japanese as a healing method. The Japanese believed that the body and mind are connected and by controlling the body's energy flow, one can be able to experience healing. On the other hand the Swedish massage is a western type of massage that applies scientific techniques. That is, they utilize light pressure on various muscle layers on the body as a form of relaxation and to alleviate muscle tension.

What is your main purpose of getting a massage? Are you suffering from discomfort and pain due to muscle tension? If this is the case then the Swedish massage is the most ideal option for you. The Swedish massage is usually given to people who want to alleviate pain in the body's major muscles by improving circulation. This type of massage usually uses friction. The therapist will start by making stroke patterns across your muscles applying varying pressure levels based on what you prefer. He will then embark on tapping the body to enhance blood flow.

On the other hand, do you want to reenergize your body and feel relaxed? If that is the case then the shiatsu massage could be the most ideal option for you. The first thing you need to understand is that, the shiatsu massage can be very uncomfortable. Do not expect to sleep during your massage therapy since the therapist might more intense pressure using his elbows, feet and fingers on various energy points on your body. The massage is mainly done to rectify imbalances within your body by applying pressure on these acupuncture points.

If you are the kind of person who is worried about removing all the clothes during the massage therapy session, then stick to the shiatsu massage. The Swedish massage can hardly be performed with clothes on. The therapist will use a towel to cover your body. However, the shiatsu massage is mostly performed with clothes on.

After you compare best type massage, you may find that both types of massages are appealing in their own ways. There is no harm in combining the Swedish and shiatsu massage in one therapy session if you want to. In fact, you will even feel better since you will be able to loosen your muscles and still enhance the flow of blood to vital parts of your body. You will leave even more energized and relaxed as compared to someone who considered a single type of massage.

Bear in mind that, a lot of toxins are released by your body during any massage session. For this reason, you are always encouraged to consider taking lots of water after leaving the massage session. This allows the body to get rid of these toxins. Most people also feel tired after coming from a massage therapy session. The main reason for this is that, the body undergoes intense cell activity and needs to rejuvenate so you should get some rest.

Now that you know how to compare best type massage, you need to consider this form of therapy sooner rather than later. Massage therapy has been known to have major benefits to the body, mind and soul. This includes the shiatsu and Swedish massages.

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