Common Supplies for Dogs and Cats How Many Does Your Pet Have

When someone brings a pet home, they consequently become a part of their family and like every other member of the family, they are cherished likewise. Let alone any other pet, cats and dogs are loved by their owners just like a baby, and a child. Like you provide for your child, you also provide for your pet cats and dogs. But what are the common supplies for dogs and cats and  how many does your pet have? Here are a few common supplies your dog or cat should have, and why.

A food bowl that your pet likes:

Your pet may eat in any food bowl but when it comes to cats, they are extremely choosy and for the dogs, who are a total sweetheart – you’d see a huge difference in their eating patterns if they like the food bowls they are served food in. On other occasions, some animals have trouble in eating from some food bowls, owing to their shapes; so you need to look in to the matter if your pet is comfortable with it or not.

A Nail Clipper:

As cliché as it would sound, a nail clipper is an essential as well as a common animal supply. Grooming for your cats and dogs is important and since they stay around your family (children to be specific), it becomes essential to trim their nails and it maintains hygiene as well.

A toothpaste and a toothbrush:

You need to get your cats and dogs a toothbrush and toothpaste that is pet friendly. The bristles shouldn’t hurt their gums and you will have to make sure that they aren’t allergic to the content of the toothpaste. Also, make sure that you get them to brush their teeth regularly, just like you’d do for your baby.

Shampoos and sponges: 

It is necessary to keep your pet clean, and yes we know that you adore those furs a bit too much (they are actually adorable!). Take good care of them with the best quality shampoos and sponges. Just like you get a no-tear shampoo for your baby, get one which keeps their fur as beautiful as always.

Tubs and brush:

Dogs and cats have a lot of hair and it would fall everywhere during a shower or a bath. Thus they need a tub. With that, they also need a brush to get rid of all the dirt and mud they get while playing. 

Leash and cage:

Though your cute companion would listen to you, but in order to avoid any unfavorable situation when you take them out, you will require a leash and a cage to protect them and carry them, safely. A cozy cage shall also serve as a place to rest for them whenever you go out for family picnics and other recreational activities.

Anti-fleas spray:

Fleas are much common among dogs than you can think. A single application of the product is not sufficient and this will actually pose serious health risks to your dogs and will also make them suffer much. Avoid such situations and keep a supply of anti-fleas spray to treat your incredible friend well.



Bring a lot of toys for your cats and dogs – they will love it. Be it a yarn ball for your cat or a stick for your dog, it is very easy to make these animals happy. All they want is your effort. Most dogs befriend a stuff toy, so you may want to invest in that. Don’t forget to take them with you when selecting a toy for them! 

This pet shall be happier with you!