Choosing the best Building Contractors What to ask

Do you know what to ask when choosing the best Building Contractors? It is important that you hire a contractor that is best suited for the project you have in mind and can understand your preferences and needs clearly.  Your contractor should be able to help you bring your ideas to reality smoothly and efficiently. To find the best-suited man for the job, you must ask the right question! Here are some common questions people ask when selecting the best building contractors.

How long has your contractor been in this business? 

It is better to hire someone who has had some experience if not a lot. Contractors with experience are usually a part of a system that ensures quality and timely delivery of work. They have traditionally worked in many different settings to know how to tackle various problems and are skilled to get the job done as close as possible to your requirements.  

Does your contractor have a license?

Different cities and states have different requirements regarding contractor licensing and alternative credentials. It is important to make sure that your contractor has taken all the necessary steps to acquire required certification and documentation specific to their field of expertise. Having a business license alone isn’t good enough. 

Does your contractor have a certificate of insurance?

Contractors should have both workers compensation and liability insurance specifically for the job they perform. It is important to ensure that the contractor you are hiring is not insured in an entirely different capacity than the job you’re hiring for. 

Are they working on any other projects and can you visit?

You should ask to visit the site of their other ongoing or recently completed projects to get an idea and confirm your expectations regarding detail, craftsmanship and overall quality of the work. You should meet the supervisors present on site, observe the work being done, confirm the record keeping and make a note of the job site organization and cleanliness. This will help you evaluate the competency level of the contractor you are about to work with. 

What is the timeline of completion?

It is crucial to discuss and sort out the timeline of your project. You should be clear about when your contractor is going to begin and complete the project. You should also include a margin for mishaps or circumstances that might affect the schedule. You should confirm if your contractor is busy with other projects and if that’s I going to affect your timeline. You should ask about any current bids, your contractor has, that haven’t been finalized and may affect your project later on. 

What is the payment schedule?

It is not a wise decision to pay for the full price of contracting upfront, and a renowned contractor will not even ask you to in most cases. It is important to discuss the payment schedule with your contractor before construction begins and be aware of exactly how much is due. Dates should be set, ideally based on completed stages of the project. 

How are you supposed to communicate with your contractor?

You need to identify a designated point of contact and also need to figure out the best way to reach that person. You should inquire about the times they will be available to respond to you and the most efficient way to contact. Whether it be through a phone call, text message, or an email. 

How will be additional charges dealt with?

A contractor who is thinking in your best interests will help you figure out most of the construction costs at the point and will give you an overview of additional expenses beforehand. 

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