Choose the Best Insulation for Your House

Need help choosing the best insulation for your house? Whether its sealing out the crisp summer heat or building up warmth against the frozen winter chills, insulation is the most important safeguard against temperature.

You can make your home a comfortable nest by choosing the right kind of insulation. If your house is still being planned, you have far greater options available as compared to a house thats being renovated. From rigid insulation sheets to adhesive foams, insulation material comes in great variety.

Read on to know how to choose from among the various available options.

Know Your House

A good architect will plan the house in a manner so as to allow maximum ventilation without it being uncomfortable. To decide on the kind of insulation to be used, you need to determine the nature of spaces that are to be filled in to give protection against temperature. For example, you cant fix a blanket in a wall cavity. Youll have to use loose fibres there. See the places that need the maximum insulation, because thatll determine what density insulation you need.


R-Value is simply the thermal resistance that a material offers; it is directly proportional to the thickness of the material in question. So, once you have an idea of the spaces that need to be insulated, you can start deciding on the R-Value to be placed there. Hire a professional to help you out. More than one material can be used together to give a combined aggregate R-Value. Just make sure that you dont place a higher density material over a low density one. Also, make sure that you always read the label on the product package.

Some Insulation Products

As the types of space vary to quite an extent, the products are also available in a wide range. Blankets or rolls are generally used for non-standard spaces around the windows, doors etc. To fill in wall cavities, usually foam sprays come into use. For pipe coverings, rigid insulation made up of fibrous material is quite popular. Other common and long lasting materials used are mineral wool and fibre glass.

Some Other Tips

Think green and plan your house accordingly. Also use insulation materials that have a greater lifespan, to achieve cost-effectiveness. Use the materials efficiently by using one with the other. This works well for undefined spaces with multiple insulation needs.

Wishing you many pleasant cool summers and warm winters ahead! Insulate your house wisely, and thatll hold you in all types of climates. Good luck!

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