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Between the mileage you car has, the stability and handling, as well as the statement of style, tires play a huge role in the function of your car. So if you're looking for perfect tires, or you have a trip planned, it's important to get tires that fit your needs. Booking into tire ratings can make the difference when you are buying new tires. 

If you need to tow something, or you plan to add weight to your cargo, you should get tires that will carry more weight. Checking the grades for treadwear, traction or temperature for your new tires can serve you well. For example, the higher the treadwear rating, the longer it will take for it to wear down. The traction grade will tell you if your tire will stop your car on wet roads. You want to look for a higher number in this instance because it means that it will take a shorter distance to stop. Temperature ratings determine how well the tire can manage high heats before tread separation or a blowout.

Another rating you should pay attention to is the tire pressure. This is something that many people forget to check on despite being easy to find. There is a recommended pressure to stick to and if it is underinflated or overinflated this can cause problems. Things like poor performance, stability, or breaking can be compromised.  It can also affect your gas mileage and this will only add more costs to manage your car. If your tires are under-inflated, it will wear your tires out faster. Even if your tires look fine, they should be checked at least once a month. A tire gauge is a good tool to have in your car. You can look inside your door to see what pressure the car manufacturer recommends. 

Once you know what tires to look for, it's important to compare prices. Internet searches or recommendations can help you find the most affordable tires.

Car tires are just as important as brakes. Keeping them inflated properly and checking on them often will make sure that your tires are safe to drive on, and that they last you a while. Learning how to check your tires is important to know so you never have to wonder. In addition, choosing tires that are made for the type of cargo, travel and speed is important in maximizing the performance and safety of your vehicle. Next is to add some nice rims and you're ready to go!

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