Cabinet Doors Questions to Ask Before You Buy

The right cabinets transform the appearance of your kitchen while adding value and function to your home for a lifetime. Cabinets cover a large portion of your kitchen, and it is quite apparent that the cabinet fronts or doors will be the most visible element of your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you want to make it subtle and want it to stand out – the cabinet doors will be covering most of the visible space in your kitchen.

What are the best cabinet doors for you to buy? Here are some questions about different styles, sizes, quality, construction and finish of the cabinets that you should keep in mind before you make a decision.

What are the different types of cabinet doors?

  • Glass cabinet doors - Glass cabinet doors are generally a bit on the expensive as they require an additional effort of fitting a glass of specific kind inside the frames but give away a more aesthetic sense to the area. Glass cabinet doors are particularly suitable for small spaces as they add depth to your interior, thus making it appear larger. Apart from, they are an excellent choice when you want to display some decoration hardware in your kitchen, keeping it behind a cabinet door but still making it visible. The glass used in these cabinet doors is usually milky and comes in plenty of designs and styles, giving you several different options to choose from. 
  • Louvered Cabinet doors - If you are thinking about setting up a sophisticated theme, you can go for louvered cabinet doors. They are made from horizontal wood slats and help in making small kitchen spaces look more spacious and wide. The gap between each slat provides space for natural ventilation which makes them airy. This door variety can get expensive, but if that is not an issue, you should go for them.
  • Shaker cabinet doors - This is the most common and popular type of cabinet doors and got their name from shaker style furniture, which is known for the very minimalistic and elegant shapes. This design is all about a practical concept and utility. It consists of five pieces of flat panel wood with four sections creating a frame around the fifth flat panel used to make for the center of the door. These doors are versatile and made out of wood, which is available in many different types of colors and stains.
  • Flat cabinet doors - Flat cabinet doors are simple flat panels and consist of hardly any decoration except for the hardware. They are widely used in modern and contemporary kitchen styles, especially when the theme for the rest of your house is in the sleek, seamless design. They can be made from wood as well as laminate.
  • Beadboard cabinet doors - You can choose to go for this style of cabinets if your home has a cottage style theme. You must know that they are not easy to clean. The point of these cabinet doors resembles a traditional beadboard paneling style. Usually, these cabinet doors come in white, and that is why it is hard to maintain and clean them.  

How are the cabinet doors assembled?

Cabinet doors are usually secured using glue and pocket screws. Cheaply stapled cases without glue will fall apart in time. 

What hardware will be used?

Under mount, soft-close are the best. Using good hardware will make it easier for you to open and close doors every time you use them. They also have soft close features which prevent them from banging shut.  

What kind of knobs and pulls will be used?

Doorknobs and pulls can be vastly important not only for the look of the cabinet but also the daily use feasibility.  

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