Buying Furs Does Not Have To Be Intimidating

Any way you look at it, authentic furs can be expensive.  They can also be controversial, as many people now believe them to be cruel to animals.  If that is not your political bent, and you live in a part of the country that has cold winters, then a fur coat is an excellent investment.  Nothing says luxury and class like fur.  For centuries, people have been using fur to keep warm.  While the clothing industry has worked hard to come up with what some believe to be more humane alternatives, nothing beats fur for warmth and comfort.  Because fur can be expensive, many people are intimidated and, therefore, avoid the purchase entirely.  This is a mistake, as there is no reason to me afraid to try fur. 

Fur coats are definitely a fashion statement.  In the past, anybody who was anybody had at least one.  Even men wore them, as there was no better way to stay warm during the winter.  As the populations of fur animals began to dwindle, furs became harder to get and buying a fur coat became more expensive.  Eventually, fur coats were associated with wealth, while the middle and lower class were stuck with cheap imitations and other alternatives.  With the introduction of fur farms, including chinchilla farming, the fur coat started to make a comeback.  Now, once again, they are more readily available. 

Not only are they more available, there is a surplus of these coats on the market.  Part of that is due to the economic downturn that caused people to stop buying luxury items.  Also, some of the loss in sales is due to people who once considered themselves fur people deciding to take a political stance in favor of the ethical treatment of animals instead.  The decrease in this niche created a new class of fur people who were looking to purchase one coat to last them a lifetime a fur coat that they would only wear on special occasions. 

To cater to this new clientele, fur coat makers began to design less expensive but no less authentic coats.  These coats are offered at a price point that middle class consumers can afford as a one-time purchase.  Many of these coats come from China.  This does not necessarily mean they are cheaply made, but the best coats are still made in North America and Europe.

Which fur coat you should choose is a matter of personal choice.  Because this is considered an investment, it is wise to do some research first.  Any quality fur coat will state where the fur comes from.  The best mink coats come from the United States, Finland, and Denmark.  For sable or lynx coats, your best bet is Russia.  Finland makes the best fox fur coat, and for beaver fur no place can compete with Canada.

The fur trade was an important part of early American history, and it is interesting that furs are still popular today.  Even with the political backlash that some fur wearers receive, these coats are making a comeback.  When purchasing a fur coat, it is a good idea to choose a designer label that you recognize.  While not all quality fur comes from the top designers, these designers only use the best fur available.  If you are a novice at buying a fur coat, a designer brand is a safe bet.  If you are making an investment rather than a fashion statement, choose a traditional design without dye.  While a full length coat is more elegant, three quarter length coats are more versatile as they can be either formal or casual.

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