Building a Successful Business is EASY if you know the Secret


I often call some of the most successful business people I know, and they are almost always traveling with their family.  Now you are probably saying, “of course because they are rich right?”  No…that’s not it. It is because they have positioned their business to run automatically, whether they are there or not.

Now many of you are saying, “wait a minute… If I am not there to do the work, who is going to do it?”

That’s not the problem. The problem is that you don’t have enough leads coming in to hire others to do it for you. If you did, you would be like those I mentioned spending their time travelling with their family.

You see, building a successful business is easy, if you know the secret.

The fact is as much as 70-80% of transactions in service-related business come from referrals and past customers – not from expensive one-time advertising efforts.

That is why businesses that have been in operation for over 5-10 years normally don’t need to advertise at all – in fact, the owner is many times not even there.  They earn enough money from ongoing, pre-established referrals and past customers that they can hire someone else to run the business for them.

So the question becomes, what is the quickest way for you to also quickly generate a ton of referrals and past customers so that you too can enjoy a better life?

The secret is to become a “Smart Guy” and INSTANTLY walk into a MASSIVE referral alliance pool.

Smart Guy has already established local city networks in over 3,500 cities! Chances are, there are already tons of Smart guy professionals in your area already referring each other and meeting the same local neighbors (potential clients) you want to meet, and they would be happy to refer you.

So the “Secret” is simple.  (1) Sign up for Smart Guy for free, and then (2) spend a few minutes a day getting to know other local Smart Guy business professionals and establishing referral alliances.

Know others quality business professionals in your area that you know and trust? Tell them about Smart Guy while their category is available.

Remember, Smart Guy only allows 1 professional per category per zip code in the USA. As long as there is a spot, they share our “team-player” philosophy and agree to (1) provide top quality service, (2) refer each other whenever possible and (3) offer discounts/incentives to other smart guy members, we will be happy to welcome them.