Braces Colors For Boys And Girls

The different dental braces colors that are now available have turned what has been a traditionally traumatic childhood experience into one that can be fun and exciting.  The part of the braces that gives them color is the color tie.  The tie is a very small elastic band that is wrapped around each brace and holds the orthodontic wire in place.  The wire is the real workhorse, applying pressure to the teeth to cause them to move.  There is a large variety of colors to choose from.  You can choose one color or multiple colors.  If you change your mind, you simply have the colors changed at your next appointment.

You can choose almost any color that you want.  With so many colors to pick from, making a decision can be difficult.  One good idea is to coordinate the color of your braces with your school.  You can choose the school you currently attend, or your favorite college or university to show support for your favorite team.  You could instead choose your favorite professional team, and change the colors as the sports season changes from baseball to football. 

Some other ideas include simply picking your favorite color.  If your wardrobe tends to reflect that color, then your braces will match what you are wearing and become a fashion accessory.  You could also choose a color to support your favorite color.  Pink could indicate support for someone with breast cancer, orange for leukemia, or choose a rainbow of colors in support of autism awareness. 

Another popular choice is to change braces colors for the holiday seasons.  Halloween might mean choosing orange and black bands.  Christmas could cause you to choose green and red.  And for holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and The Fourth Of July, you could go with red, white, and blue.  The choices of combinations are as limitless as your imagination.  Plan your seasonal choices according to your appointments, which might occur about 8 weeks apart. 

The colors people choose for their braces tend to differ along gender lines.  Braces colors for men tend to run along traditional male color choices like blue and black.  Men who choose colored braces are more likely to go with a sports team color pattern than any other.  Ultimately, though, most men choose to forgo the colored braces altogether, going with either traditional metal or one of the less noticeable choices like clear ceramic or invisible braces.

Braces colors for girls are a different story.  Many girls enjoy the opportunity to choose the color of their braces, and are more likely to do so then guys.  Traditional favorites of pink and purple are common choices.  Girls are not as likely to choose the colors of sporting teams, but will often pick the colors of the school they are currently attending.  Cheerleaders, for example, will often where there school colors during the athletic season. 

The ability to choose your braces colors has a number of advantages.  First, it makes you braces appear less awkward when you are able to blend them into your ensemble.  Changing your colors also has the added advantage of making you look forward to your next visit.  Although the visit might be an uncomfortable one as the braces are tightened, at least you can leave with a fresh set of colors.  Braces are a fact of life for almost every young person.  Although more expensive, the new options for clear, invisible, or colored braces makes this right of passage easier to negotiate.  Because they are more expensive, many parents continue to opt for the traditional metal braces.  But, choosing colors allows your child to become more involved in the process.

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