Best Sprinkler Systems to Install

When it comes to installing sprinkler systems, there are a number of varieties that you can try depending on the area that you need covered and the cost as well. Sprinkler systems are usually a great way to maintain your green lawn because they do not need a lot of labour to operate. Once the system has been well set up, you can be guaranteed that your lawn will be watered accordingly. The best sprinkler systems to install should be those that are tailored to suit your area of coverage. Tailoring the system to a particular area is important because watering needs as well as landscape are just some of the factors that vary from one area to another.

Landscape spray systems are one of the sprinkler systems that are used on lawns. There are sub-types of landscape spray systems depending on whether the system is serving a residential yard or a small commercial site such as a garden. Pop up spray sprinklers are the best to use if you are covering a small area such as the front lawn or back yard. These sprinkler systems usually pop up at specific times of the day and spray a defined amount of water onto the lawn before reclining back into the ground. They cover a specific radius based on the force of the jet of water being sprayed from the hose.

The pop up spray sprinklers usually cover the area in a circle or an arc. The system is pretty simple and therefore advisable for use in residential areas. The sprinklers can also be programmed automatically or managed manually by turning on and switching off at specific times of the day. Automatic pop up spray sprinkler will involve a little extra cost for the automation. If you do not have someone who can turn on the sprinklers at the required times, automation would be best for you.

Rotor head irrigation sprinklers are another variety of sprinkler systems. These are usually the best sprinkler systems to install for large commercial areas such as golf courses. The rotor irrigation systems also feature pop up systems that shoot water over  greater distances. Sometimes the sprinkler heads rotate to evenly distribute the water over a large area of turf. These systems can also be manned manually or automated to spray water late in the evening and early in the morning.

When it comes to crop irrigation, there are also some specific systems that are suitable for use. There are also a variety of types of sprinkler systems used in irrigating crops depending on the age of the crop and how much water is needed. Water can be sprayed from overhead wheels or from sprinklers on the ground that jet out water similarly to the pop up sprinklers. Overhead wheels are usually preferred due to their ability to evenly distribute water on all the crops similar to natural rain. These systems can be permanent or temporary depending on the weather conditions and needs of the crop for water. You can get advice on the best types of water sprinklers to use in farming from agriculturalists and farming professionals. The systems are usually as large as needed depending on the size of the farm.

Other types of sprinkler systems include fire sprinkler systems. These are usually smoke triggered to spray water in case of a fire. The best sprinkler systems to install when it comes to fire sprinkler systems are those that are triggered by both heat and smoke as well. This is because smoke triggered alarms can also be easily set off by cigarette smoke unnecessarily. There are a lot of sprinkler systems available in the market today. You can choose the best one for you depending on the cost as well as what you are looking for in a sprinkler system.