Best Business Opportunities in 2019

Looking for the best business opportunities in 2019? A business opportunity, also known as a bizopp, involves the sale or lease of a particular product, service, etc. that will enable the purchaser or licensee to commence a business. While many people are faced with numerous business opportunities on a regular basis, deciding which is best can be difficult. Whether you’re starting a new business or whether you’re trying to expand your current business with a new opportunity, there are several factors that will help you evaluate them to determine which is best for you.

Market Size

One of the critical factors when looking for the best business opportunities in 2019 involves examining their market size. Begin by doing a little market research. Figure out if there is a market for the opportunity and how big that market is. After all, you want to be sure the demand is there.  For example, selling ice in Alaska might be difficult because of the great supply. For this reason, you must understand the market and what they are looking for. In addition, Addition, determine    how engaged the market is and how likely they are to pay for what’s being sold or leased.


Ask yourself whether the business opportunity already come with some built-in relationships. Do you know others in the industry that can help you in promoting the business opportunity? Or perhaps, do you presently also run an existing business which you can market through this new business opportunity? For example, SmartGuy® ( allows people to oversee one of over 11,000 city business referral networks, and automatically profit from all members that upgrade. If however, you had a product/service that would benefit a small business owner, you would not only benefit from the money earned from the SmartGuy® opportunity, but monies earned on the selling of your own product. The greater the relationships you have (personal or otherwise), the greater the personal benefit might be for that unique business opportunity.

Managing the Cash Flow

One of the other important factors when searching for the best business opportunity in 2019 is your ability to manage the necessary cash flow. Is there a big start-up investment required? Is there start-up funding for the business? What about ongoing ways to keep funding the business each month, can you earn enough to cover your costs? You must figure out how the cash flow will be managed, and take a look at the overall business plan. Ideally, you want the business to sustain itself after a period of time with upside as things progress.

Skills Necessary

Let’s face it, everyone is different and has a different set of skills. Some are more disciplined, some are better communicators, some are willing to work more hours, some aren’t. If you are evaluating your own business opportunity in 2019, you need to be honest about what skills you bring to the table, which skills you can better and which you don’t want to do. Another factor is the skills of those leading the company. Do they have a proven track record? Do they seem committed and focused on the efforts of the business opportunity? How difficult is it to communicate with them? A good leader not only has vision, but commitment, determination and passion to succeed. 

Drive and Persistence

While not everyone is perfectly suited for every opportunity, there is something to say for drive and persistence. Even if you are weak in a necessary skill set for a particular business opportunity. it’s often possible to make up for that with passion, drive and persistence. Are you working with people who will get the job done? If not, can you team up with others that can help?  One of the most important factors is your drive and persistence for the opportunity. When things get a little tough or slow, will you push through?

When looking for the best business opportunity in 2019, it pays to do your due diligence first. Make sure there is a low barrier of entry, that you are suited for the task, that you have effective leaders and the monies to cover the ongoing costs until payments start coming in and most of all, that it is something you want to do. If you don't find passion and drive in the cause, it will be hard to persevere.

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