Best Amusement Parks and Places in the USA

Looking for the best amusement parks and places in the USA?  Leisure is important in our busy lives and we all need to make time for it. This leisure time also caters to the serve as a family time, that otherwise, most of us are bound to miss. Not only it is a great way to socialize but taking rides at the amusement park exposes you to good fear, thrill and excitement. This exposure also helps in reducing stress and lightens your mood (This is something proven clinically).

Want to know the best amusement parks and places in the USA? Follow thru, you are at the right place!

Disney World, Orlando:

From shopping to adventures to activities to amusement; this place has it all. Attend the concerts of your favorite singers, enjoy the parades, be mesmerized by the fireworks and have fun in the stage shows – this place has much to do this this, juts by the way! The best part about this amusement square is that it serves every age group, from preschoolers and up, thereby making it a perfect place for families to visit. Are you worried about the food? Don’t worry, they have a variety, you will have trouble choosing one! 

Hershey Park, Hershey: 

This family theme park is situated in Hershey, Pennsylvania is a one stop for all the fun filled activities.  This park is older than a century and has a total of 76 different rides inclusive of 16 unique water rides. From walk up to cozy dining areas, this part has it all. You can also stay at the Hershey’s Resorts for the best experiences. The Hershey Lodges give you access to water works, outdoor pools, miniature golfs and much more. Also did you know that the Hershey’s chocolate Park will soon become functional in 2020? 

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg:

You want to take enthralling rides? Attend exclusive events or exciting shows? This attraction in Virginia is all set to serve you. What makes it exclusive is the fact that it has several country-themed areas which provide distinct fun filled activities, rides and dining points in reference to the themes they serve. Visit the eagle ridge, highland stables, lorikeet glen, and the wolf haven to see the exotic animals and birds in their proximity. Also, don’t forget to go on a 2 hour tour through the seven haunted houses at Busch Garden, ONLY IF YOU DARE! (Tip: get a two-park fun card, it shall give you access to both parks in just $180). 

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia:

This 262 acre amusement park is located in California. With a total of 43 rides, this park is open seven days a week and welcomes anyone who likes adventure and fun. Take the jet stream, jamming’ bumpers, cyclone 500 and whichever you like – all of the rides are fun filled. Six Flags serves everyone from preschoolers and up! Be prepared for a hypnosis session or attend the Looney Tunes meet and greet with your kids – this attraction is a package for all.  

Do you ever notice how much you walk in such amusement parks? No, you don’t! So in a way, the long walks in the pursuit of fun and adventure fuels you and helps you in burning calories. Also, not only this, it tones your muscles and refreshes your mind. Research shows that a roller coaster ride on average can burn 50 to 70 calories for an average adult. These rides also help in anxiety reduction and can be termed as fun filled therapeutic sessions. Who knew that socialization, quality time, fun, adventure and health could come in one package? When are you visiting one of the above mentioned amusement parks? Whenever it is, it will help having this list of the best amusement parks and places in the USA.

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