Becoming the Go to Moving Company

A moving company can make the uphill task of relocating much easier and smoother for the customer. Many people believe that hiring a company is too expensive, but helping them to understand why your service is actually a savings for them in cost, time and labor can help them decide to use your company to move.</P> <P>People like to have tips for saving time and money, try offering some tips on how to find a good moving service such as the following:

  • Make a list of moving companies and what services they offer.  Do they pack for you? Are boxes extra? 
  • Talk to the manager and discuss the standards by which a company operates.
  • Be available to the movers in your home. Don't leave them alone. Check on progress.
  • Look for reviews about moving companies from websites like SmartGuy. These reviews about moving companies can be very helpful to potential clients.  

Getting your business out there on some of those sites with positive reviews can make people choose your company over others.  Check your reviews online, as well.  If you have a poor review doing damage control quickly can be critical for your reputation.

Be the accessible and friendly moving company so that people will feel comfortable talking with you about their plans.

Give fair estimates to people and offer to show your storage facility or trucks. Explain why you will be using two trucks instead of one or how the transport will work with the team you have.  The more information a customer can have about the process, the better.

Moving companies for out of state must have reliable vehicles and sometimes storage for items being transported.  Make sure if you are one of those moving companies for out of state moves, that you describe how the move will happen and what will be required at every step of the way. A customer who is relocating needs to trust your company even more because of the great distance involved.

While breakage is not something that is easily discussed, having a clear understanding of what is covered and what is not covered by a moving companies insurance coverage can allay the fears of the customer.  Moving companies insurance coverage can be affordable for people. Your willingness to talk about it may give you the advantage over another company that discourages people from buying coverage.

One more thing to mention to customers is that the booklet named Your Rights and Responsibilities When you Move must be provided to customers according to the law. Giving your customers this pamphlet is another sign of a sound operation that wants clients who understand the process and then there are no surprises for them. Make sure that you give the clients the following information, either on your website or in printed materials because it will again illustrate that you run a reputable service.

  • Full company name
  • Length of time in business
  • Full Address, phone number and even email address
  • License number
  • References

Safersys is one company that can provide customers with all the information about your company. Just go to their website and enter the license number of the company and the whole history of the company will come in front of you.  Make sure that you do this often to make sure that it has correct information for your clients.  If not, then correcting it is a priority.

Moving can be quite an uphill task for some, but your moving company can make that job easier for them by being honest, offering helpful information and affordable rates.

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