Awnings Aluminum vs Metal What is best for Home

A common question that people always ask is about awnings aluminum vs. metal-what is best for home?  Awnings are very important and when you install the best awnings in your home, they will greatly add its overall value. In addition, quality awnings add the appeal of a home. Apart from preventing damage of your home by the sunlight, they are also very attractive. When you have awnings in your home, you can leave the wind open even when it is raining. Thus, installing quality awnings is a great way of improving your patio or deck because they are highly usable when it is raining or when there is a hot sun. Awnings are also very important because they protect the wooden doors against damage by the sun or rain water. Traditionally, canvas has always been used as the main types of awnings in most homes. However, contemporary homes can now have aluminum or metal awnings. Nevertheless, many homeowners find if challenging to choose between aluminum and metal awnings. Perhaps, the best way to choose between aluminum and metal awnings is to consider the pros and cons of each.

Choosing between awnings aluminum vs. metal-what is best for home?

Aluminum  - Aluminum awnings have their pros and cons that you should consider before installing them in your home.

Pros - Among the major pros of aluminum awnings include the following:

  • Affordability: Aluminum awnings are less expensive when compared to metal awnings. This is usually the case for smaller awnings made of aluminum. Thus, if you are installing awnings in a small area of your home you should consider installing aluminum awnings especially if you want to save on cost.
  • Availability: Aluminum awnings are readily available in local and online outlets in traditional shapes and sizes. Thus, you can easily find the aluminum awnings that suit your home application unlike metal awnings that are not easy to find. Attaching them to different exteriors is also easy.
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike metal awnings, aluminum awnings are more environmental friendly.
  • Easier to install: Since they are lighter than metal awnings, aluminum awnings are easy to install.

Cons  - Among the cons of aluminum awnings include the following:

  • Maintenance: When compared to metal awnings, aluminum awnings need more maintenance.
  • Rusting: Aluminum rusts and the awnings are easily dented.
  • Treatment: To ensure that they last longer, aluminum awnings need waterproofing treatment. You also have to pay close attention to the aluminum awnings to ensure that they do not rust over time especially if they are exposed to rainfall constantly.
  • Rigid: Aluminum awnings are rigid and their modern appearance may not fit in the traditional designs. 

Metal awnings  - Metal awnings are mostly made using copper. They have their pros and cons as well.

Pros - Among the pros of metal awnings include the following:

  • Sturdy: Since most metal awnings are made using copper, they are sturdy and can be used in any home application.
  • Durable: Metal awnings are highly durable and they can last even for 30 years.
  • Less maintenance: Metal awnings are capable of resisting snow, hail and sleet with some models being able to withstand strong winds of hurricane. They also develop a sheen that is attractive as they age.
  • They are available in different colors and designs making it easier to match them with any home exterior. 

Cons - Among the cons of metal awnings include the following:

  • They require treatments: To maintain their original finish metal awnings require treatment.
  • High cost: The initial cost of metal awning is high as compared to aluminum.

From these pros and cons for both aluminum and metal awnings, it is apparent that metal awnings are the best for homeowners who want awnings that will last for years and offer protection to their home against environmental elements. Choosing between awnings aluminum vs. metal-what is best for home can be challenging but it becomes easy when you compare the pros and cons of the two types of awnings.

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