Auto Lube and Quick Oil Change Service

Looking for an auto lube and quick oil change service? Do you know what it is? The lube job for an automobile includes greasing its drivetrain, steering system and its suspension system. It is important to keep the car running smoothly as it keeps the moving parts of the car from wearing each other when they get in contact. 

Motor oil and lube change is vital to ensure that your engine works properly. The lube avoids friction while the oil keeps the engine cool, does not allow rusting or corrosion, keeps the engine noise as low as possible and aids the oil filter to purge the engine off contamination. 

The lube and Oil change Service should cover the following:

  • Changing the oil filter and the oil
  • Lubrication to the vehicle specifications
  • A thorough tire pressure check
  • Topping of all the fluids that include: transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant and the windshield washer fluid
  • The auto service shop should also perform a safety inspection to check for the potential problems that may arrive. These checks should include: brakes, suspension, tires, cooling system belts and hoses etc.

Since the oil keeps the engine to perform at optimum, it becomes very important for the health of your vehicle and smooth driving. In the absence of oil, the metal to metal friction would become so intense that the parts would be able to weld themselves together and of course, the engine would stop working.

Depending on the vehicle, the model and the car’s make; most auto makers would recommend you to get the oil and lube service whenever your car completes 5000 miles of journey.  

Any reliable auto service shop would follow the process where they first change the oil filter, drain the dirty oil, replace it with new oil and you are done with the job! 

During a job where both, the lube change and oil change work is being performed the workmen will also lubricate the chassis and the internal framework of the car.

When a lube and oil change is being performed, the battery terminals and the battery water levels should be checked. Most quick lube and oil change service providers only check the fluids and the air filters because this is what they have to work on, so the car owner needs to be wary of this fact!

When you get a lube and oil change job done for your car, take care of the following things:

  • The auto service shop should not use the wrong lubricant type. Grease and oil have distinct pros and cons, thus all of them should be taken care of.
  • The right amount of lubricant should be used. Too much of the lubricant can cause the temperature to rise, while, too little lubrication can lead to greater friction between the metal components.
  • Regardless of being classified as lubricants; the oil and grease shouldn’t be mixed. You may not visibly see the effect, but it would not let your vehicle perform on its optimum. 
  • The lubricant should not be meagre or contaminated. It will reduce the optimal performance in general, but in worst cases, it can cause damage to the engine and other components of your vehicle. 

With a lubricated chassis, new oil filter and fresh oil – your engine should be working smoothly. For any lube and oil change job, the results should be optimum if the above mentioned points have been taken care of. Any car owner should also make sure that while getting a better service, they shouldn’t end up paying too much and thereby should perform a proper market research before opting for any service center or auto service shop. 

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