Are all Towing Companies the Same How to Compare

We have all parked cars in places where we were not supposed to, legally. These incidents could turn to costly and time-taking inconveniences when your car gets towed away.
But who do you call? Are all Towing Companies the Same? Tow companies are usually honest and follow all the rules and principles to have a credible business. However, there are some who try to play dirty with the vulnerable people.  Following are some of the way you can save yourself from their bandit-like behavior.  

Dishonest companies’ tactics 

Dishonest companies are found to con people by having a deal with scam property owners. These owners place hard to see no parking signs in their premises, and then those towing companies watch over their premises and will remove any parked car within 10 minutes. 

Towing companies will often closely monitor car accidents. And then they will tow the car involved in the accidents to a body shop which then extorts heavy money from the insurance companies and then returns some to the tow operator. 

Tow operators lift the cars and then will release them only when you have paid an obscene amount of money to them. 

Towing companies are always looking for even minute parking violations to tow the cars away at first instance. 

Towing companies can also get someone’s insurance information and then exploit those details to make false claims. 

Now you should always do your research and be on the lookout for scammers. In this way, you could protect yourself from having to pay needlessly for frauds. These scammers feed on the unawareness of people as regards their rights and what the towing companies can do or not do with them. 

You should call the police if you find yourself amidst that situation because it’s your car and might only be your single mode of transportation. Dishonest companies thrive upon the assumption that most people do not know the rules. Therefore, you could put up a strong resistance to them by showing them that you know the rules and so they will probably back down. 

How to avoid their scam

You could follow a few pointers mentioned below to keep yourself in the clear. In case your car has been in the car accident, then make sure that the towing company driver signs a damage report before they tow your car away. 

One more thing that will cost you less money is that when they are making you sign the towing estimate after you have been in the accident, you sign right under the list of estimation. In this way, the towing company will not be able to add anything after you have signed. 

You are under no obligation to sign any other documents. Make sure you have not given them any personal information or your insurance details. 

You should ask for any of the charged you have to pay right at the moment, make sure you get it in writing and get the paperwork from the tow company driver. This will prevent you from any misrepresentation afterward. 

Make sure you don’t leave your car when you are in a private parking lot. This will ensure that they don’t get the window to tow your car. 

You can call the police, in case that you suspect a fraud or when you are being threatened by the tow company. 

Make sure you are not victimized by the towing scammers. And in case you find yourself amidst such situation, then make sure you fill out a complete police report. Make sure you don’t get lazy on filing these claims when you can contribute to getting rid of these scammers. Work with the corresponding departments like Department of Motor Vehicles, Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Protection to do your part. 

The fact is all Towing Companies are not the Same. We hope this helps you be aware and compare them more closely.

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