Animal Removal Rescue Respect and Remove

If your attic seems as though it is filled with pests, placing a call to an animal removal company might be the solution to the problem.  Sometimes squirrels or chipmunks or birds can get inside and as they make their homes all comfy and cozy, your home suffers.  Animal removal services can get the unwanted tenants out of the house with some creative approaches.  From trapping to sealing off the entryways and even sometimes relocation of the critters might take place.

On a tree lined street in Anywhere USA, birds are pecking holes in the wood of a house and build a nest.  You are one of the animal removal services in the area.  Why should the homeowners call your service and ultimately give you the job of removing those birds?

Your removal service is the best choice because you

  • Answer immediately and respond fast to the call for help
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Are a professional who is respectful of property
  • Show compassion for the animals that you remove

Animal removal is the type of business where you are constantly playing the hero and rescuing people from the critters that are determined to move into their houses.  When there are noises in the attic the imagination can go crazy with the types of critters that are invading.  In reality usually the animal removal from attic spaces is not very dramatic.  Sometimes birds, squirrels and bats can decide that the dark, protected and warm attic that you have in your home is a great place to stay.  While some homeowners don’t mind sharing, the critters are not good housekeepers and the idea of animal feces and even a growing critter family in the walls or in the floorboards or even tucked into a dark corner can make anyone call for an estimate.

While animal removal from attic areas, basements and other nooks and crannies seems like a problem, some homeowners are faced with dead animals on their property or actually in their houses.  You may get calls asking if you are able to do dead wild animal removal from a property. 

Actually, dead wild animal removal may require special permits to do in some states.  If the wild animal is protected in any way, the death needs to be recorded, as well.  If you seem to be getting a good deal of these inquiries, perhaps looking into dead animal removal as a part of your business might be a smart move, if you can dispose of the animals correctly and if there are not too many costs associated with obtaining the necessary permits.

Animal removal can require a bit of patience, some skill and also the right training to match the capture method with the animal that you are evicting.  When a homeowner asks for help with a rodent problem or other critter response time can be the key to gaining the client’s business.  Since that person will not want to wait for a response to your call, coming up with a rapid response plan or 24 hour call answering can make your service the only call that the homeowner has to place.  In addition, being respectful of the client’s house and yard can make a big difference to how much praise you receive after removing the critters.  The neater and more respectful you are, the more people will talk about your service as an efficient and customer oriented business.  That’s the sort of lasting impression you want to make.  Be a good hero for the homeowner and practice the three R’s of rescue, respect and remove.

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