Advertising Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning is definitely a chore that people put off until the last possible minute.  Many feel as though they make a streaky mess of them and others think about hanging onto a ladder or reaching out awkward windows on their second or third floors.  Thats where window cleaning services come into the picture.  A successful service business is one that fills a need and a window cleaning business does just that.

Window cleaning services are sometimes diversified and perform other tasks than just window work.  Cleaning gutters and pressure washing might be services that a company can offer.  If you are a company that strictly does windows, adding other services to your service offerings might be a consideration.  Extending power washing options to your clients might be the best way to start because you probably already have the equipment for window cleaning.

Advertising is critical to the success of your business.  For a window cleaning business, this can be traditional methods of business cards, brochures and flyers, but making sure that you have a dynamic website and that you begin to use social media to engage with your clients can also be an aspect of your advertising strategy.  Offering tips on how to keep windows clean with cleaners that are environmentally friendly might be a good way to open the conversation with potential clients.  If your clients have children or pets the eco-friendly products may be more important.  Perhaps giving away some of the products as samples or from a Twitter sale could make you a preferred service because of your information and willingness to engage your clients or potential ones.

Marketing to your commercial clients can be slightly different than the residential.  More scaffolding and a stronger power washer might be needed for some buildings.  The eco-friendly products can still be something to highlight because some businesses are moving to becoming more green and Earth-friendly, so your suggestions of cleaning products might fit nicely into that plan. Offering packages of services may also be a good technique when approaching a new business that is a potential client. Businesses like to try and streamline their services, limit the number of vendors that they use and to get a good deal.  If you understand what they want, then you can decide how to deliver those services and make a good profit in the bargain.

Some window cleaning supplies are bought in bulk and so making up small sample bottles with your name on it could be relatively inexpensive and can be a nice give away.  If you choose to go to home expo shows or other fairs, then this type of calling card is a very effective one.  People who go to the shows tend to want anything that is free and they can put in a bag to take home with them. So packaging your window cleaning supplies in three or four ounce bottles might be all that is needed to get your name into the community.

Window cleaning can be a great business to work in because it is definitely a service that is needed by both residential and commercial clients.  Becoming well trained and perhaps offering other services that add value to your business in addition to the straight cleanings, can make the difference between being moderately busy and being the most wanted business in the area.  Advertising in ways that engage your clients is important, as well.  Using social media can be an effective tool. Being the business that is associated with excellent cleaning, fabulous customer service and fair prices can make you a clear choice.