Advertising Alterations Can Sew Up Success for Your Business

Alterations for prom dresses, pants, skirts and even alterations for wedding dresses can be a nearly endless supply of work for someone with talented fingers and the ability to work those fingers fast to make a deadline can make an alteration business shine. Once established in a community many times the word of mouth can be a powerful vehicle for getting more clients, but other traditional methods and newer ones like websites and social media can also add to the mailing lists.

Alteration business cards are just the start to publicizing a business. Creating a dynamic website can add dimension to your services by showcasing your work in short video, still pictures and with riveting text.  Once the site is up, then it is up to you to drive people to it so that they can see all of those bells and whistles. Alteration business cards can have the contact information and also your website, so cards placed on the right bulletin board or handed to the right people can help spread the word about your stitching wizardry.

Social media is a newer way to contact customers, but it can be a great way to engage people that share interests and possibly are seeking good referrals for different services.  During prom time, this means that you can be a part of the conversation if you can cultivate the group of followers on Twitter or the Facebook friends in a way that will make you the business that they are discussing in their texts, tweets and posts. 

Some businesses might do a flash sale or a discount for followers and friends, so stitching together a deal or two might give your business the boost that you may need.  You can also consider doing a two part discount.  The first is at regular price and the second is discounted or free.  This creates repeat business. Just make certain that you dont ignite a rush during a busy wedding or prom time or you might be scrambling to get things done.

Alteration and tailoring are slightly different tasks, but generally can be done by the same business. Tailoring can entail a bit more creation and sewing, but the alterations are more about hemming, taking in some seams and possible altering how a sleeve is cut. Alteration and tailoring can be a great combination because people who need a few nips and tucks can work with you and those who want to have more flair for their clothes can also tap your creativity.

Some sewing and tailoring seem to be needed during certain seasons like the spring months with all of the proms and weddings that are planned for the onset of nicer weather and warmer temperatures.  As the summer gets underway, there are graduations and more weddings.  In fact a staple in some alteration businesses is doing alterations for wedding dresses.  During the peak times of weddings and proms, some businesses hire other seamstresses to pitch in with the amount of work, if you are a small business, this may or may not make sense.  Being able to accommodate more work might be worth the money to pay the temporary employees.

Alterations can be a steady income if you can keep your name out there for year-round work.  Consider attending a home and garden show or even some fall fairs in or around your community because the more people see your name and possibly see you, the more they will be thinking about your business when there is a need for some hemming, zipper repair or adding the pleats to that special skirt.</P>

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