A Mans Desperate Attempt to Improve Mankind and Counter the Inevitability of Mans Demise

Elon Musk, many love him, many hate him, but the fact is most don’t understand him. Meeting him, you might say he has a real nervous energy about him. He has a fast walking pace, wants to get things done quickly, and you could see he was always thinking ahead, not wanting even idle time to go to waste. But why? Perhaps because he knows what’s coming and it is his calling to get things ready.

Ask yourself, if you knew the future of man was to destroy itself, and wanted to help the species survive, you would need to do several things:

  • Transportation - Build a way to quickly get mass people to another planet (SpaceX) and once there, create an underground system to travel regardless of the atmosphere (Boring Co.)
  • Communication - Create a satellite communication system to communicate from Earth to the other planet and then across the other planet (Starlink) and then create phones to work with those satellites for people to communicate (Tesla Phones)
  • Monetary System - Create an online monetary system for the people, like (PayPal) 
  • Power - Find a way to create, store and transfer energy (Tesla)
  • Labor - Create mechanical workers that could handle the manual efforts of construction, food management and maintenance on a new planet (OpenAI/DeepMind), 

But then there are the haters, and their ignorant small minded perspectives…

Is Elon Musk all about money?

No. Did you know that back in 2008, both Tesla and SpaceX were about to go out of business. Heck, Google was a few days away from buying Tesla. Elon chose to take all his money (180 million earned from PayPal acquisition) and invest half into a dying Tesla. The other half into a dying SpaceX. He literally sold his house and lived with Larry Page and in random apartments! Is that what someone who cares about his net worth would do? 

Has Elon Musk had an easy path to success?

No. Did you know that… 

1995 — Applied to Netscape for a job and got rejected
1996 — Was forced out of his CEO position from his own company Zip2
1998 — Struggled to make PayPal succeed
1999 — Almost died when he crashed his $1M McLaren F1
2000 — Was kicked out of PayPal while on his honeymoon
2000 — Got sick with malaria
2001 — Russia refused to sell him a rocket
2006 — First SpaceX rocket launched failed
2007 — Second SpaceX rocket failed
2008 — Third SpaceX rocket failed with NASA satellites onboard!
2009 — Tesla almost went bankrupt.
2013 — First rocket landing failed
2014 — Several Tesla Model S caught on fire
2015 — Four rocket landings failed
2016 — Model X deliveries delayed over a year
2018 — The SEC filed a lawsuit against Musk
2019 — Model 3 deliveries were delayed
2020 — Tesla stock became the most shorted stock in history


Elon Musk is not interested in pleasing everyone. In fact, he’s a very no-nonsense, direct, “get shit done” persona, and that’s exactly what the vibe is at the companies he runs. Elon Musk plays his own game, his own way.

His brain is super-human. Some say he can predict the physics behind certain situations. For example, looking at a car crash and somehow estimating things like momentum! He absorbs intelligence and drills his employees until he knows everything they know. If you write code that's good, but not as short as it could be, he will personally go and redo it. 

Can anyone really think Elon is all about money? Who would start an electric car company for profit? Better yet, why would anyone ever go against NASA - a billion dollar organization? But Musk did just that. Rockets can now land on land and water.and are also much cheaper. Furthermore, why create and position satellites to provide free wifi to all of Earth? Why when he knew that other car companies wouldn't be able to keep up, make competition easy by opening all of Tesla's patents?

Not even Elon Musk’s fiercest critics, at least not the ones that actually know much about him, question his sincerity or drive. A man who works 80–100 hours a week to make the world a better place, who, when things get difficult, prioritizes his companies and not himself, cannot legitimately have his sincerity or drive questioned.  That is why I, and so many others, admire Elon Musk.

What can you learn from Elon Musk?

  • When you see a problem, don’t complain about it, instead try to find a way and solve it.
  • While it is important to dream big, you also need to focus and work very hard to achieve it.
  • Don’t just think about yourself, care for the causes of others, especially which affects the nature and the future of human beings.
  • Do what needs to be done, not just what is easy.
  • Don’t give up when you fail, try to find out what went wrong and learn from your mistakes to come back stronger.
  • Don’t lose confidence when things are not going your way, instead stay focused and humble when you succeed.
  • Learn that it is possible for a man or women to succeed despite non-stop delays and blockages if it is in his heart and mind to do so.

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