5 Tips For How to Save Money On Your Monthly Heating

With the cold months of winter upon us, you can expect the cost of heating your home to rise significantly, regardless of whether you live in the north or south. Did you know that there are a few simple tips you can follow to significantly reduce your monthly cooling and heating costs? Read on for more info!

Upgrade your water heater tank.
Installing a modern, high efficiency water heater tank in your home has the ability to save you upwards of $500.00 annually. The efficiency levels of various water heaters consumerreports.org. If your water heater tank has specific features, like a thermostatic radiator valves and a programmer, it will provide you house with heat when you need it too, but it will turn itself off when it's not needed. Modern hot water heaters are priced rather well, making this an affordable investment for most homeowners. Within a few years, the unit will have paid for itself.

Reduce your cooling and heating costs
Did you know that by lowering a room's thermostat by one degree Celsius, it can reduce your monthly heating costs by as much as 10%? Other simple methods of reducing cooling and heating costs include shutting your curtains in the evening to prevent heat from leaving the room through your windows and opening inside doors to any rooms that are provided with the most natural sunlight. Also, remember to make sure that furniture is not placed near heating vents. For example, an upholstered sofa can absorb heating from a vent, preventing it from reaching the room. In a similar fashion, if a room in your home has a fireplace that you are not using, make sure that the flue is closed, so that heat will not escape through it.

Insulate your attic
If you do not have an insulated attic, the cost of heating your home can become astronomical. Without insulation, you can lose up to 15% or your monthly home heating costs through your roof. This is a valuable piece of information that most homeowners are not aware of.  This is a project you can easily do yourself. Just make sure that the insulation you choose to install is at least 270 mm in depth.

Have your water heater tank serviced regularly
The heating of water is one of the biggest heating costs in a home. Having a water heater fixed in an emergency situation can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention labor costs and the cost of additional parts. All told, these costs can become astronomical very quickly. Having it serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations will ensure it performs the heating of water efficiently and catch major problems before they arise

Consider switching energy suppliers
 a monthly basis will depend upon which alternative supplier you choose. However, through comparison shopping, you will find that many energy suppliers websites contain calculators that will allow you to determine how much money you can save monthly on the heating of water and other energy costs. These savings can translate into a considerable amount of savings. In switching energy suppliers, you can expect the heating costs of your home on a monthly basis to decrease significantly.

Try putting just a few of these tips into practice; you will be surprised at how quickly they make a difference in your monthly heating bill. In no time, you will have lowered the cost of heating your home.