Independent Auto Repair Companies Near Me What do they do

Looking for Independent Auto Repair Companies Near Me? Surveys have shown that most people are content with getting the services of independent auto repair companies as opposed to getting the services from the dealerships. This is because the independent auto repair shops are able to ensure better satisfaction, quality, price, customer service, and the job being done as promised. 

Consumers become highly motivated to avail the services from independent auto repair shops because of their overall outlook. This is a new trend where consumers depend upon their local/independent auto repair shops as the latter have started to build their trust with the people. Big dealerships often get the bad rep because of their poor scoring on customer satisfaction and therefore they are not able to gather customer loyalty. 

Independent auto repair shops are typically situated in small garages. And they provide their services through one-on-one relation with the mechanic repairing their car. Most of them are supported through former dealership technicians. These independent auto repair shops have expertise in working on many car brands. There are some of these repair shops that honor third party warranties.  So, what do Independent auto repair companies do? How do their compare?

Tailored and Affordable Service

According to the Consumer Reports Survey (2014), higher customer satisfaction, price, on-time repairs, quality and courteousness were offered by independent mechanics as opposed to the dealership services. 

People who want to get services from independent auto repair shops are recommended to look for their certification of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). You could also ask for references for a credible mechanic by asking from friends and family. The Internet also provides ease of access to the reviews. Make sure you have scanned the prices from different shops and even from the dealerships as well so you are satisfied with the choice you make at the end. 

Technical prowess

Independent auto repair shops encourage their staff members to keep adding on to their skills. The industry is competitive; there are new parts, new tactics involved in repairing them. There are new engines being introduced by companies like the VW, and then there are new programming involved in the electronic module system. So these shops have to keep investing themselves in continuous learning in order to stay in competition with the dealerships and so to attract more customers. 

Independent auto repair shops have labor who are professionally and technically trained. The resources used for their training are often the people who have been employed by the dealerships. 

Auto Parts

Now as far as the equipment is concerned, you can sure have the original manufacturer built parts. But these shops are also going to provide you with alternative parts that are more affordable while performing the same functions. It is also sometimes the case that they will rebuild the auto parts for you. 

Customer Satisfaction

The most striking feature of independent auto repair shops is the customer satisfaction that they ensure and that has also stood them apart from the dealership. Mechanics are able to ensure customer satisfaction as it is easier for them to have a direct relationship with the customer. Moreover, the mechanics have no loyalties to the manufacturer so they will wholly be working in the customers’ best interest.  

Lesser overheads implying lower costs 

Facilities of independent repair shops are usually smaller and have less overhead as compared with dealerships. These aspects translate into lower prices for the consumers. However, there is much trouble in finding the right shop because there can be a lot within close vicinity. 

Auto Brands 

Independent auto repair shops might work on different car brands, and they are likely to turn down repairs for which they don’t have the expertise. 

Since they do not have the luxury of having customer relation history, they have to keep working on delivering their promises, and so they can’t take on something they do not excel in as that would cause bad rep.

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