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2838 west avenue 32 unit 6

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About Company

Looking for a Top Locksmith in Los Angeles CA? NELA Locksmith is a small, local mobile locksmith which operates in and around Los Angeles, CA.

Many consider us the Best Locksmith in Los Angeles!

Founders, Louie Bravo, Ricky Gonzales and Francisco Nuñez started their careers working for a number of different locksmith companies
and noticed the increase in demand for locksmiths in the area.

While many locksmiths can take hours to arrive at a job, our technicians are local and available 24/7.

Furthermore, our skilled, licensed technicians are passionate about their work and ensure each job is complete to not only the customer’s standards, but also NELA’s standards.

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2838 west avenue 32 unit 6
Los Angeles CA USA, 90065
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Luis Bravo
+1 (323) 472-5625
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