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Since 2007

Looking for the best non-surgical cosmetic procedures spa in San Francisco CA?

Our medical team is highly skilled with years of experience in cosmetic treatments. We combine the perfect blend of medical, care, rejuvenation and pampering, customized for each client. Our advanced medical treatments are highly effective, safe and backed by M.D.s, nurses and years of hands-on experience and expert research.

Think of Spa Radiance Medical as your personal sanctuary for receiving non-surgical cosmetic procedures, performed by our talented and meticulous staff, led by Dr. Irina Khidekel. We pride ourselves in investing heavily in the most innovative technology and hiring the most accredited and respected medical professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. But what sets us apart the most is our philosophy. We believe strongly that every patient is an individual who sees him or herself through a unique lens. And, our staff is committed to understanding this perspective and ensuring we enhance—not alter—giving our patients the kind of natural results that make them feel beautiful from the inside out.

Spa Radiance Medical was born from a friendship between Spa Radiance co-founder and esthetician Angelina Umansky and Spa Radiance Medical owner Dr. Khidekel. Dr. Khidekel was a client of Umansky’s and the two women would discuss how Umansky was frustrated referring her clients to medical spas and dermatologists who would give her clients the opposite of what they requested. “My clients have always asked me for recommendations on fillers, lasers, you name it. I would tell them exactly what to tell the medical spas but they never got the results they wanted,” explained Umansky.

Dr. Khidekel, a general physician, was enthralled with the world of cosmetic enhancements. “I’ve always been passionate about helping women look and feel their best,” said Dr. Khidekel. “When I met Angelina, I saw that she had the same vision. She was also driven by a need to create the finest facilities for the best clients. This made it clear that Spa Radiance was the perfect place to help women find their inner glow.”

Call us today to book a consultation to begin your journey of feeling beautiful from the inside out.

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