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Ringtones come in the following types:

1. Realton is a playable music recorded in digital format, for example WMA, MP3, AAC.

2. Monophonic ringtones are simple melodies that reproduce no more than one note at a time.

3. Polyphonic ringtones - this is when the phone plays several notes at the same time, thereby making the sound more saturated, and brings it closer to the original.

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With the help of music in various formats on the computer, the user can create his own, individual melody. Programs designed to create music, as a rule, already contain such functions as converting a ringtone to a ringtone format, editing music and sending a newly created ringtone to your phone. And now we will analyze in more detail that these functions mean:

• Conversion is necessary for the convenience of converting the file to the desired format, which is supported by your phone. Most programs have the bases of existing phone models, which makes it much easier to use, it will be enough to choose from the list your phone and the format that you want.

• Editing is usually included in a minimal set of functions that allows you to define the boundaries of the ringtone (you can choose from when your ringtone will start and where it will end), as well as speed, increase or decrease the volume at the end of your melody and an increase in the beginning.

• Sending sends a ringtone to your phone in all possible ways: via Bluetooth, infrared, using a USB cable or via email via the Internet.

But the only thing I would like to advise before choosing this or that melody is do not go against the opinion that has developed about you around others, and with your own. Always choose the ringtone, which will characterize you from the best side.

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