Looking for tips, strategies and information on how to grow your business? Sit back, relax and listen in to SmartGuy TV's host Mr. Dean Renfro! In each episode, SmartGuyTV provides you specific ways to make more money! 

Episode 1 - "The Handshake" - While business deals used to be secured with a simple handshake, things have changed as become more legal. The result? We have lost an important element in relationship building. What is the physical reason for the handshake? What is the emotional/psychological factors and what is the digital handshake. Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 2 - "The Law of the Heart" - Often times, we want to reach out to clients and just take their hand and their money without touching the heart; however, you must touch their heart before before you can do that. As business professionals, we are often in growth mode or survival mode and want to just jump ahead, and forget the people don't just buy goods and services, they buy relationships...stories...the magic. Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 3 - "The Law of Clarity" - One of the great things about being a business owner is your ability to come together with others and make a difference. In doing so, you must make sure your message is clear. But  is what you think your saying the message that potential clients are hearing? Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 4 - "The Law of The Prize" - Imagine a world where everywhere you went to get something, they had a special offer just because your you! How would that make you feel? Imagine the response you would have when people treated you in that special way. Everyone loves to win and find out how to use that to gain more customers! Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 5 - "The Law of The Zigg" - Everyday small business owners are in a fight to the death. How do they fight their big competitors? The have more money, more people, more resources, they can last longer and get more creative. Well there is a way for the small business owner to win, just as in the story of Sampson and Goliath.  Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 6 - "The Law of The Door" - As a business owner, when a customer comes to your business or your website, or contacts you or reaches out to you, you better make it easy for them to find what they want. We want to make it easy... so make sure your front door to be big, and the back door to be small. Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 7 - "The Law of The Retention" - Ever lose a customer and wonder what you did? Why did they leave you to a competitor? Well, did you know that 83% of your customers are going to leave you - and it's your fault! The most expensive thing to get is a customer, and you want to make sure to keep them. Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 8 - "The Law of The ROI" - So many business owners spend their time, money and energy to maximize their income; however, they often talk to potential clients about things customers don't care about resulting in a poor return on their influence. You must talk about what they want, not what you want. Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 9 - "The Law of X" - How do you grow your business, beyond where it is today? For example, you will hear about a simple principal that can double your business in 30 days. Whether you want to 2x your business or 3x your business, the principal is the same and it has to do with what the X is. Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 10 - "Grow Your Business in 2020" -It's 2020! What is your vision for this year? How can you grow your business and help local businesses grow at the same time! This is your year! Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 11 - "9 Domains Every Business Lives In" - Why are you in business? Why do you do what you do? Most people don't know their "why" and purpose.  Next, what are the possibilities of your business? Understand your purpose, possibilities, plans and more... Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 12 - "Exposure and Your Website" - What is the importance of exposure for your business? How are people going to find you and when they do, are you preparing the information in a way that guides them and gets them to engage? Watch this  episode to find out!

Episode 13 - "What to do to help avoid cashflow struggles in your business" - 88% of business polled stated that they consistently struggle with cashflow; therefore, what do the other 12% do to avoid struggling with this? Watch this  episode to find out!