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> Editable webpage  - SmartGuy automatically creates an editable webpage for your business
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>  Local Business Network - Get listed in the local SmartGuy City Business Network
> Related Articles - get listed and linked as the recommended professional on any industry -related articles that are ALREADY on top of search engines
> Referrals - Get exclusively connected with up to 1500 local referring businesses (SmartGuy® only allows one professional per category within each city)

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PREMIUM Services

> SECURE SPOT - You will get a secure spot and cannot be replaced by another business in your city/category that upgrades to Premium
> Custom Article - Creates a custom article promoting your business that can also rank on first page of search engines in as little as 2 weeks!
> Badge - Provides you a BEST IN CATEGORY badge to place on your website to increase customer conversions
> FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - Smartguy only allows one professional per city/category - once a member upgrades in the their category, the spot is permanently taken!

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