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At NIC, we go above and beyond when it comes to protecting your company’s security. Your data and network sovereignty deserve to be protected. By utilizing the most advanced detection and elimination tools coupled with our ever aware network administrators, we keep your systems safe from hackers, spyware, and ransomware.
Our managed services teams can expertly deter and prevent harm to your system’s integrity. With our cyber security solutions for small businesses and large organizations, we engage in constant oversight of your network and data security, quickly and effectively stopping threats before they arise. We also provide training programs for your employees on what they can do to help keep the network safe, including frequently observed high-risk behaviors

In addition to our monitoring and training, we also provide cloud server options that further your security efforts. With our off-site data management centers, you can be assured that your information and organization are truly safe. Keeping up with network security while also trying to run a successful business is no small feat, but with our combined services, we can enhance your data’s security while streamlining the way you and your team access information, resulting in faster, more convenient hosting options.

he threat of cyber attacks requires constant vigilance, and we are more than capable of matching the constantly evolving environment. Among our IT services and specialities, we’re proud to offer nuanced cyber security for small businesses and organizations of all sizes.    

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