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The legal profession has undergone major changes in the last ten years or so. And looking ahead, there are more to come. Many of these changes have been to the advantage of you, the client. Due to the supply of attorneys there’s been greater price competition, commoditization of legal work, competition from non-traditional service providers, and flexible billing structures have changed over time and continue to evolve. Each of these factors are forcing law firms to become much more efficient by limiting overhead while increasing output. Some firms have reacted better than others.

We at Neal Law AZ strive constantly to provide competitively priced, yet top-tier work product for our clients.

How are the Attorneys at Neal Law AZ Different?
Neal Law AZ takes pride in how we service clients—but we are different from other firms and we’ll specify exactly how, below. But first, let’s look at the factors you should consider when hiring a law firm or attorney. Too often, people end up in difficult situations due to failing to engage legal counsel..

What to Look for in an Attorney
First, your attorney should be experienced in the field relevant to your situation. If your business is exploring a transaction, then you’ll want an attorney that works that space. You should question potential lawyers on this point. Also, your attorney should be clear in answering your questions, especially with regard to how much you’ll be paying them, and how. Hourly? Flat fees? Inquire with questions and read their engagement letter. You don’t want surprises down the road. Third, your attorney should be responsive. By that, we mean that he or she should respond to your inquiries quickly, whether by letter, fax, email and especially phone calls. Finally, you should believe your attorney is a good “fit” with you, your legal issues and other factors unique to you, the client.

How We are Different (3 + 1): Quality Work / Fair Pricing / Quick Turnaround + Responsive
Historically, law firms have sought to balance three objectives: (1) providing top quality work, (2) at a competitive price, (3) with quick turn-around. The challenge for traditional law firms has been to prioritize two of these three objectives, with the understanding that only two of the three are possible. Neal Law AZ rejects this limitation.

We’ve combined a modern, efficient technological infrastructure with old fashioned hard work. Our time isn’t spent competing within the law firm on billing: how to bill who, who has billed the minimum, or why to bill more. We value our time and understand our clients value their money. We communicate with clients as much as possible—not as little as we have to. Please, come to us with high expectations. We’ll deliver.

We guard your interests and serve your requests. Neal Law AZ attorneys provide outstanding work product at a fair price, with quick turnaround. We are also responsive to our clients, having created personal, ongoing relationships with them.

At times we refer clients and potential clients to other firms when we believe there is a better fit. But if we represent you, we zealously deliver the complete package. That’s how we are unique.

If you are interested in speaking with us, please call us at (480) 699-7992 to schedule a meeting with us. We look forward to serving you.

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