SmartGuy Savers

Connect with up to 200 other local referring businesses

What is the SmartGuySaver® ?

The SmartguySaver® is an exclusive co-op advertising program offered by SmartGuy®,  allowing members to automatically generate more clients by sharing referrals with one another.

Why it works so well
SmartGuySaver® provides local residents with a quick and easy way to find tons of local SmartGuy® members, who agree to provide quality services at discounted prices.

How to get started

Getting started is simple. Simply add your business and then CLICK MEMBER MANAGEMENT to ugrade to PREMIUM membership (only $69 per year). You will be listed on the SmartGuy saver as the ONLY Secured business in your category in that city network. The more members that join, the greater the marketing of the Saver and the leads you will receive.