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Solution One Services Inc. is becoming one of the country's finest financial service companies. Headquartered in Woodbury, New York, Solution One Services specializes in both personal and business financial services and solutions. Our team of experts have over 100 years combined experience helping individuals and companies overcome their financial challenges. Solution One Services is available, during these hard economic times, to assist homeowners with their hardships. Even though the government has stepped in and given incentives to the banks to modify mortgages, the banks have still fallen short of the proposed 5 million modifications requested by the government and have actually assisted less than approximately 400,000 homeowners. Foreclosures continue to rise and unemployment is expected to reach 10% in the coming months. With so much misinformation and lack of accountability banks continue to cripple our economy even after getting billions of dollars in bailout money. As a homeowner it is crucial that you are truly aware of your options and rights. We will help you have a full understanding of all the alternative solutions available. At Solution One Services we will assist you and represent you to the fullest, every step of the way.

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