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There are numerous reasons to tint the windows of your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or commercial vehicle.

Aesthetics is probably the most common reason however safety, comfort, UV protection, and energy savings are other popular reasons to tint windows. Tint Works Window Tinting can help you to find the correct tinting film for your needs and have the work done in our shop.

Going Green has never been so important. With Architectural trends incorporating more glass in building design, the use of Solar Control Window Tinting is a cost effective way to regulate building temperatures. Working in warm climate temperatures, a window tinted building is more cost effective, comfortable and productive.

Most solar control tints can pay for themselves through the energy savings in approximately two year’s time. Additionally, levels of efficiency are so high that Federal Tax Credits and Utility company incentives can offset initial costs. Aesthetically, window tinting provides a uniform facade, reduces glare and provides privacy.

Window tinting is not just for cars anymore, newly designed, virtually undetectable tinting is now available for homes too. This virtually clear, micro-thin protective coating can block unwanted heat, save energy, resist fade, reduce glare and create a more comfortable environment while lowering your utility bills.

Today’s window tinting is more effective and aesthetically pleasing than sunscreens. With 99% UV Protection, window tinting also protects valuable furnishings, flooring and artwork from fading. It provides a clear and distortion-free barrier against the harmful and damaging effects of the sun.

A wide range of products combined with the most courteous and talented installers makes Tint Works Window Tinting the best choice for your residential window tinting needs.

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