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Applied Automation Controls Inc.


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Looking for a Syracuse, NY Pneumatic and Electric Controls Sales Company? Applied Automation Controls Inc. provides reliable and cost effective automation components and solutions for Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Watertown and Binghamton. We specialize in pneumatic and electric controls. We carry Pneumatic Cylinders, Filter-Regulator-Lubricators (FRL), Push-To-Connect Fittings, Airline & Liquid Tubing, Vacuum Generators, Rotary Unions, Valves & Valve Manifolds, Air Dryers, Pressure & Vacuum Gauges, Rodless Cylinders, Pneumatic Slides & Grippers, Rotary Actuators, Pipe Fittings & Valves, T-Slot Aluminum Framing, Light Curtains, Process Controllers, Stepper Motors, Industrial PC's, Vision Sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers, Servo Drives & Motors, AC Drives, HMI Touchscreens, Electric Actuators, Pushbutton Operators, Contactors & Relays, Motor Starters, Power Supplies, Timers & Totalizers, Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity Sensors & Controls, Safety Switches, Limit Switches, Electrical Enclosures, Cables & Connectors, Disconnect Switches, Terminal Block Systems, and Two Hand Anti Tie Down Control. So if you are in Syracuse, NY or the surrounding areas including Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Watertown, and Binghamton, and need Pneumatic and Electric Controls, please contact us.

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