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Looking for a Minneapolis, MN IT Services Provider? Digital Brigade helps companies manage their IT costs. Companies like DKY Inc. who saved 30% on their technology expenditures by following a simple plan we designed. We help develop business centric solutions for people like Tina Vindum's She's an outdoor trainer in San Francisco who now has a training program that people across the world can sign up for thanks to a subscriber database we built. Our mission is to be a resource of business centric IT services which include fixing computers, setting up networks, and finding technology solutions to business problems, for companies that want to use technology to grow. Did you know that 20,000 laptops a year are left at airport checkpoints. Every 53 seconds a computer is stolen. Our newest product is called We want to make sure all of the important photos, contacts, and other information that is on those computers is safe and available to the owner. A boring subject like data backup becomes pretty exciting when you find out your plan didn't work. With you'll know your backup is working because we watch our logs every day and if you aren't backing up, you get a call from us to fix the problem. It's the most secure way to make sure you'll always have the important things stored on your computer. And we do it for only $10 per month. So if you are in Minneapolis, MN and need an IT Services Provider, please call.

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