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Digital IT Made Simple IChanneX is a very fast growing and fast moving company. To meet the demand for our patented technology, iChanneX is aggressively seeking quality channel partners, referral partners and strategic alliances. We reward our partners with a very generous compensation plan that is designed to attract serious business people who want to develop a significant income stream. 2009 will be known as the year that digital paperless office technology made an instant and enormous debut into the world of small to mid-sized business. The iChanneX Corporation is helping make this possible with its low cost, easy to implement, and easy to use digital information system. The US government has determined that digital paperless technology will save the both the private, and public sectors literally billions of dollars every year. Doctors, clinics, dentists, veterinarians, CPAs, accountants, automotive, schools, insurance and any document heavy industry will all benefit from the use of this valuable technology. Companies everywhere need to take advantage of the many cost saving, and efficiency improving benefits of digital paperless technology sooner rather than later. In today's economy digital office technology makes more sense than ever, because it cuts costs, increases efficiency and improves the bottom line. iChanneX Clients Enjoy Benefits Including: Tremendous savings in administrative costs Increased efficiency increases revenues and saves money Easy to implement (iChanneX does it all for you) Easy to use (learn our system in about an hour) An Amazing 5 levels of security (protects your most confidential documents) Reliable protection of all your documents from disaster or theft Dynamic and fully scalable to meet your needs Powerful search capability for quick and easy document retrieval Exceptional month-end reporting, monitors costs, projects, and lowers overhead Discover the iChannex Digital Paperless Information System and unlock the power of this exciting breakthrough in technology. To learn more, please feel free to call me to arrange a demonstration for this must have technology. My direct line is 760-231-8788. With great appreciation, David Alemian Vice President of Sales iChanneX Corporation www.iChannex.com

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