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Free credit report gov

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So what\'s the truth about free credit report gov services. Is it different from annual credit report? If you\'re perplexed by the numerous credit report services out there? It\'s important to view your credit files frequently. What can you do? To see your annual free credit report more than once, you\'ll have to pay a fee to each of the three credit agencies. Not to mention is the lengthy time and headaches it takes working through each of their application process. But there is actually a technique that you can use to easily view your scores without going through all that trouble. You can get it for free as well. It\'s by using the various free 3 credit score services. These are actually credit report monitoring services that provide a free trial and let\'s you check your credit files at no charge. Just make sure to cancel before the free trial ends or you\'ll be charged a fee. Free trial periods are different from offer to offer, so be sure to make note of that as well. There\'s credit score offers where you can obtain your information from one credit bureau. Some offers lets you view your credit scores and report from all 3 credit bureaus. The three agencies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The fact you need to remember is that information listed in one credit bureau file may not match with what\'s on the others. Certain data on your TransUnion credit report may be omitted on the others for example. Or we see certain mistakes in one file that\'s not seen in the others. Many lenders may choose to view one or all three of your credit reports. So it makes sense to get your free fico credit score from all three credit bureaus}. Another fact you need to remember is the importance of obtaining your FICO score. A credit score is different from your normal credit report. It uses a different algorithms for calculating your credit score. Most lenders utilize your score to determine whether you get approved for a loan. Therefore it may be most wise to check your credit score before asking for a mortgage loan. But in most cases you have to pay a small fee to get your FICO score or credit score. But there\'s always some free deals out there. Once again compare the various features of these programs. There\'s a few offers that do offer a free credit score. And as mentioned earlier, make sure to cancel your free trial during the free trial period, or you\'ll be charged a fee.

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