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We are the Podiatrist Austin - Foot Specialties in Austin. From sports injury to the more common foot ailments encountered in our practice - we will treat any condition. Your feet must last a very long time, and most Americans log an astonishing 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they reach age 50. Regular foot care can make certain your feet are up to the task. With suitable detection, intervention, and care, most foot and ankle problems can be lessened or prevented.nGet guidance on how to look after your feet, including how exactly to pick the shoes that are perfect for a variety of tasks and ways to get a pedicure. These helpful pointers are sure to keep you and your family in step with great foot health.nnAmericans are moving around more than ever. Whether it\'s Pilates, barre, or indoor cycling classes, there are many different fitness activities to keep everyone fit and healthy. But are you aware that over half of Americans say foot pain restricts them from walking and exercising?nnLuckily, now\'s podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to treat the complex structure of ankle and the foot, based on expertise, training, and their instruction. They prescribe custom orthotics, provide guidance on appropriate athletic footwear, can diagnose and treat injuries affecting the lower extremities, and evaluate biomechanics.

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