Here are all the services we provide verified business for FREE!

  • EDITABLE WEB PAGE WITH SEO - Each web page is automatically created and has fields for videos, photos, business description, mapping, discounts, links to another website, links to social networks, hours of operation, links to reviews and more.

  • LISTING ON RELATED HIGH RANKING ARTICLES - Many of these over 1,000 articles are already on the first page of search engines for keyword phrases your customers search for every day! SmartGuy® automatically links your SmartGuy® webpage on all SmartGuy® articles in your category, and continues to exclusively add you onto new related articles instantly as they are released.

  • EXCLUSIVE LISTING IN LOCAL BUSINESS NETWORK - Instantly after signing up, SmartGuy® aligns you with up to 1,500 other highly-rated businesses, that share a win-win philosophy. Each agrees to provide great service and refer each other whenever possible.

  • EXCLUSIVE LISTING IN PRINTABLE CONSUMER DIRECTORY - Many consumers print it, email it, share it on their favorite social networks, place it on the refrigerator or simply keep it in a drawer for when they need a local professional.

  • EXCLUSIVE LISTING ON LOCAL PROFESSIONALS® - Free inclusion into this and other consumer directory sites, designed to drive consumers directly to SmartGuy® members.

  • INTERACT WITH OTHER PROS ON GLOBAL INDUSTRY GROUPS - These communities are excellent places to learn, ask questions, share relevant content and collaborate with other professionals in your industry from around the world. 

  • INCREASE CONVERSION WITH “BEST IN CATEGORY” BADGE - A great way to gain authority, credibility and more sales is through recommendations. 

  • INCREASE TRAFFIC WITH SEO BOOSTING ARTICLE WIDGET - Innovative SEO boosting article widget. Simple add this line of HTML code to the bottom of your website and begin displaying high ranking SmartGuy® articles titles with minimal text.

  • MONITOR VISITORS WITH INTEGRATED TRACKING TOOL - SmartGuy® provides its members basic real-time tracking of visitors to its member pages. 

IMPORTANT: While you can get all of the above once verified, only a Premium member gets a secure spot and can avoid being replaced at any time by a local competitor.  As SmartGuy continues to grow by hundreds of new businesses each day, the value of being the ONLY professional in your city/category of up to 1500 local referring businesses is worth a fortune! As a special bonus, upgrade to and we will have our writers create a custom article promoting your business and place it on key spots, helping it get on the top of search engines in as little as 2 weeks! For more information, email