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Small Businesses
Looking to grow your business online and offline? Recent statistics show that as much as 90% of searches for business professionals begin online. Join SmartGuy® and we will connect you with up to 1,500 other local referring businesses AND help get your business on FIRST page of search engines fast! Joining takes 1-2 minutes, and then we will automatically: 

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> Create a custom article promoting your business (often ranks on on the FIRST page of search engines in as little as 2 weeks)
> Add you to related industry articles that are ALREADY on top of search engines
> Connect you EXCLUSIVELY with up to 1500 local referring businesses (SmartGuy® only allows one professional per category within each city)
> and much more for only $69/month (month-to-month - no contracts!)


Are you a large company, organization or large group of individuals that could use new customers/clients? SmartGuy® can assist your members/franchises rank on the top of search engines for the keywords their customers are searching for. 

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Affiliate Program

Interested in earning $50 per month on the $69 up to 1,500 members per city pay us? Check out our Affiliate Program