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What is SmartGuy

SmartGuy® is one of the largest exclusive business directories and networks in the world, with hundreds of thousands of businesses in over 5,500 cities worldwide.  Smartguy® connects the best 1,500 professionals within each city in an exclusive referral network (one per category), and then markets them to local consumers.

What does it cost for consumers and businesses to join SmartGuy?

Consumers and businesses can sign up for free.

Can any business join SmartGuy

Yes, as long as they fit into one of our 1,500 categories;however, they are all placed into a "pending" status until they have been reviewed and approved by Smartguy®. Once accepted, they will appear in their local city business network.

Do free members get an exclusive spot in the local SmartGuy® city network?

Yes once they have been verified and approved, but they can be replaced by another member within the same category at any time. Only "Premium" members get a secure spot (blocking out competitors).

What are the advantages or Premium membership

Premium members are  (1) Verified within 1 business day, (2) Added into their local city network, (3) Receive a secured spot in their city as the ONLY business in their category (blocking out competitors), and (4) Get automatically included in the local direct-to-consumer marketing!  Premium membership is ONLY $69 USD per year (about $5 a month) and subject to approval and availability. SEE VIDEO

How long does it take to get verified and approved?

With hundreds and hundreds of businesses signing up every day, it can take our team months to verify and approve businesses. This is one of the reasons we added a very inexpensive level of Premium membership. 

Why won't be business image load it just keeps spinning?

Make sure that your image is less than 1 MB and that there is no spaces in the url of the image that you are uploading (you might need to rename it so there are no spaces)

I added my free business but why don't I see it in my local city network?

Free businesses who join are only listed in the "pending" area and not in the members area until verified and approved. While that normally takes a minimum of a few months, you can upgrade to Premium and get verified/approved within 1 business day.

I upgraded my business to Premium but still don't see it in my local city network?

Make sure your address is correct and listed in that specific city. If your still having a problem, email info@SmartGuy.com so we can check it.

How do I change my password?

Once logged in to your "Professional Profile", simply type in a new password and click the "Update Personal Information" link. 

What if I lost my username or password?

If you or someone you hired to do your marketing lost your username or password, you can click the "I forgot my password" link. You will then be able to enter the emailed you used when signing up and you will be sent a new temporary password.

How do I upgrade to Premium?

Simply sign in and after creating your new business, click the "Upgrade" link next to the business you wish to upgrade. SEE VIDEO

How do I know if my exclusive category in the local city network is available?

It will only allow you to upgrade if your spot is available.

How do I access the SmartGuy "Best in Business" badge to place on my website?

It is available only to Verified/Approved members and will appear when clicking the three vertical dots to the right of the specific business. SEE VIDEO

Can I adjust the size of the "Best in Business" badge to place on my website?

Yes, simply adjust the height and width numbers in the html code you are provided.

Can I add my business to more than one city?

Yes, as long as you can effectively service that city and its clients; however,  you will need to have an address in each city you wish to appear in or won't appear in the local city networks.

Is there a way for companies to add 50 or more locations automatically?

Yes, they still need to go through our verification and approval team; please email info@SmartGuy.com for specifics.

What can I do if the category spot for my city is already taken?

Currently, there is no waiting list. You can however select nearby cities to secure. Keep in mind that as SmartGuy® continues to grow, so does the value of each spot. For this reason, it is unlikely that someone will give up their spot.

What is the article widget?

The article widget is a proprietary tool provided to SmartGuy® members which enables them to use a code on their website to add streaming articles related to their industry. It is a well known fact that major search engines look for new and changing content when ranking websites. By adding it to your home page, you are not only providing more information for consumers and keeping them on your website longer, you might greatly increase your personal websites ranking. SEE VIDEO

Are there any SmartGuy® badges available to proudly display on the homepage of our business website?

Yes. Once you log in, you will soon be able to access your unique HTML code to copy and paste on your company homepage. This will let consumers know you have been selected as the BEST by SmartGuy®. Please note this is only available to businesses that have been verified and approved (this banner also automatically appears on your SmartGuy® city network listing). When clicked, it will also take customers right to your SmartGuy® page! SEE VIDEO

What is the SmartGuySaver®?

The SmartGuySaver® is our proprietary consumer marketing flyer that is available online and marketed directly to local consumers. All verified and approved members are listed alphabetically according to their category. Please note only Premium members are guaranteed a spot on it.

What is the purposes of SmartGuy® Group pages?

SmartGuy® group pages list all members by category. This is very valuable to professionals as it allows them to connect with other professionals within their industry. For example, the Accountants group includes over 1,500 accountants that can ask questions, share ideas or find solutions specific to their industry. 

I notice SmartGuy has thousands of articles on various subjects, can I include my own?

Members can submit their own original high quality articles to SmartGuy® for possible inclusion; however, though they can list you or your company on the bottom, no links are permited. Articles must be a minimum of 700 words to be considered. Send articles to Articles@SmartGuy.com

How can I report a business page that is incorrect or no longer active?

Simply click the "Report a Problem" link on the SmartGuy® page

How does SmartGuy® compare to other directories, networks and lists?

Unlike traditional directories and networks, SmartGuy® limits its membership to only one professional per category per city. Each business must have excellent ratings, provide quality service and refer other members whenever possible. Otherwise, they are in jeopardy of losing their highly coveted spot.

How Accurate is the Service Professional's Information?

SmartGuy® cannot guarantee that information listed on each service provider profile pages and on their web sites is 100% accurate. It is the responsibility of each service provider member to supply accurate information, and to keep his or her profile up to date. And it's the consumer's responsibility to validate that information by screening it. We care about our consumer members, and do not want them hindered by a false sense of security. Information and discounts  provided by service providers at the time of membership can change at any time and become obsolete. This is why we do not prescreen our service provider members. Consumers are encouraged to take the initiative. Before hiring any service provider, check out important information: current licensing, insurance, membership status in professional organizations, discounts, etc. and make sure that the information provided is still valid. 

Will Smart Guy cancel a member’s status immediately upon receiving a complaint?

Feedback is critical to maintain the quality-control standards here at SmartGuy®. But, as with any grievance process, we know that there are always two sides to every story. Therefore, we evaluate each complaint from both sides; that of the service provider as well as the consumer. We are also aware and not naive to the fact that since each service category only allows for 1 professional, competitors might try to Report a Problem in an attempt to remove a competitor and apply for the service position. Many times though, an unpleasant experience is simply the result of a misunderstanding that can, in time, be worked out. We do, however, reserve the right to remove offending service professionals from our network when we notice a negative trend.

How do companies get on our database of SmartGuy® approved service professionals? 

A service provider gets on the SmartGuy® list only after providing us with detailed information on their service.

What is your screening process?

To keep our services free to homeowners and consumers, our screening process is minimal. Service Providers and other professionals must have excellent ratings and are asked to provide accurate information, including some of the following: their years in business, office hours, company overview, etc. They are expected to keep information on their profile page updated. It has been our experience that pre-screening this type information gives homeowners a false sense of security. It would make them not question information found on provider profile pages and websites, even though that information might have changed since the time of initial membership.  By advising homeowners to verify member service professional's licensing, insurance, and references themselves, we enable them to make better hiring decisions. This helps homeowners have the peace of mind that the member service provider information is 100% accurate.

How do I get in touch with someone at SmartGuy® ? 

You can reach a SmartGuy® representative by emailing info@SmartGuy.com 

What is the Privacy Policy? 

At SmartGuy® we respect your privacy and take the responsibility of protecting the personal information that you share with us very seriously. For this reason, we are disclosing our privacy practices and the uses of the information that we gather. 

We will only ask you for personal information if we need it to provide the service you request. 
We will not release any personal identifying information about you without your consent. 
We will always give you the option to edit the information that you've provided to us or to have your personal information removed from our records. 

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or believe that SmartGuy® has acted in a manner inconsistent with this statement, contact us at info@SmartGuy.com.  SmartGuy® reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time without notice, and only the current Privacy Statement may be deemed effective.