About SmartGuy®

Who is SmartGuy® 

SmartGuy® is the fastest growing directory and exclusive business referral network in the world, already managing over 11,000 city business networks worldwide. Developed to automate the growth of businesses, SmartGuy offers nine proprietary tools designed to quickly grow a business online and offline. Within as little as 2 minutes of signing up, SmartGuy® connects members with up to 1,500 other local referring businesses within each city, one per category, in an automated exclusive business referral network. SmartGuy then promotes them to the public.

Our SmartGuy® Team: 

Jordan Wexler

Dean Renfro
Media development 
(SmartGuy Magazine and SmartGuy TV)

Rudy Grande

Radio Advertising 
(Corporate and local radio advertising)

Deborah Smart
Publication Manager
(Article Creation/Distribution)

Bobby Taylor
Product Research
(New product ideas/innovations)

Julie James
Leader Manager - UK

Bruce Keiffer

Leader Manager - USA

Janice Tomchuk
Leader Manager - Canada

SmartGuy® Board of Advisors:

Captain Leonard “Len” Kaine is a “real deal” Navy Top Gun Fighter Pilot. He began life as an unassuming coal miner’s kid with a public high school education. But with high motivation and dedication, he was able to serve his nation with distinction earning two Combat Distinguished Flying Crosses, Seven Combat Air Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V (Valor); Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, National Defense Medal with one Bronze Star, Vietnam Service Medal with three Bronze Stars; a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device and a He as was the youngest Naval Officer promoted to Captain. Later, although selected for promotion to Rear Admiral, he chose retirement with 432 Carrier Landings,  over 4000 military flight hours and to focus his time on the Golden Rule Society (his worldwide charity) and family responsibilities. Len has 5 nominations for the Nobel Peace prizes,  received the “US President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for volunteer service in 2006 and named 2010 Veteran of the Year by US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Joel Griffing
-  Inducted into Who's Who in American Business Executives. Mr. Griffing was an advisor to then Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush.  He is the FL State Chairman for CEO Clubs of America and on the FL Assoc. of Vet. Owned Biz. (FAVOB) Board, and the Golden Rule Society Board, AMAC. Mr Griffing was also  engaged by the World Alliance of Mayors after 2001 for 6 years and the Pentagon for the Warriors in Transition initiative for Vets, 1st Responders & their extended families from 2008 to this day. 

SmartGuy® with others!


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 Meetups, Merchant Associations ect. to help set up meeting 
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If you added a business to SmartGuy, welcome! We have created these steps to maximize your results!

By signing up, most of the information has been populated. In this screen, you can change your password or upload an an image of yourself. Adding an image of yourself is highly recommended as it provides more credibility when you're placing reviews or comments. We have integrated an image cropper to assist you; however, please note that images must be smaller than 1MB.

If you have not yet added your business (or want to add more businesses), simply click the "Add Company link to the right and follow the steps. If you have already added a company, be sure to fill out as much as possible. The more information you provide in your business profile, the better it will be received by consumers. To edit, delete, upgrade or access other features, click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the business. 

(a) when adding text to the "About The Company" section that you do not just copy and paste information from another website as it will be ignored by search engines. Be sure to add at least 3 paragraphs of original text related to your business to be crawled and ranked on search engines. 
(b)  if you do not want to list your street address OR your street address is not located in the city network you want to be listed in, you can simply enter the city name in the 'Street Adress" field and select it in the dropdown. Then simply add a zip code for that city and "Main Contact" and continue.
(c) If you have a youtube video, add it! It will automatically appear as the first image on your profile; however, be sure to add the URL of the video you have - not the channel.
(d) Once done making changes, be sure to click the 'Update Business Information" on the bottom to save your work instantly to your SmartGuy page. 

As soon as you have completed your business profile and filled in as much as you can, you want to send the web address (url)  to others you know as ask them to please visit it and write a positive review for your business. This does several things: (1) keeps YOU on their mind in case they (or anyone they know) needs your services, (2) adds more reviews and support of using your business vs. others, and 3) adds additional content helping your SmartGuy business webpage to rank higher on search engines.

If you have not already received it, email info@SmartGuy.com a request to receive your Best in Category" certificate. This is something you can post on your window (if you have a storefront, but our members have seen significant results by sharing it on all of their social networks (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.). As customers see that you have been selected as Best in class for what you do in your city by SmartGuy, they will congratulate you, share this with others and keep you in their thoughts!

One of the choices when clicking the 3 dots is to select The "Banner Code." It is a simple line of HTML code created specifically for your business and tied to your SmartGuy page. You can proudly add it to one of your business websites to display your SmartGuy "Best in Business" Badge. Credibility is a HUGE factor in the decision of consumers when deciding which professional to use - this can help them make the decision to use YOU! When consumers click the badge, it will open up a new window and take them to your SmartGuy Page.

If you have another website (other than SmartGuy for your business, be sure to add our Article Widget. You can find it by clicking ARTICLE WIDGET to the right of the NEWS tab. Using our Article widget adds text and content to your personal website - helpful in ranking your website higher in organic searches. To use, begin by clicking on the ARTICLES tab to make sure we have articles already written for your category of choice. Next, select the number of articles (count) you want to scroll and the group category of articles in the drop downs BEFORE copying the code onto your personal websites. 

Within 3-4 business days, we have created and begun to optimize your custom article. Our goal is to get it crawled and ranked by major search engines within 2 weeks or less. Since SmartGuy only allows one professional per category, you can find your article in the BEST BUSINESSES category of the Article tab (listed at the top of all pages). You can also find it by clicking here: https://www.smartguy.com/articles 

Questions? Visit us on CHAT or email our support team at info@SmartGuy.com

If you have decided to become an EXCLUSIVE SmartGuy City Network Leader, welcome! We have created these steps to maximize your results!
> For more info on our affiliate program click HERE

Login into your SmartGuy® Account and make sure you have fully filled out your PERSONAL PROFILE and any BUSINESS PROFILES you have. If you don't know your SmartGuy® login information, email Jordan@SmartGuy.com.

Once logged in, click SETTINGS and make sure you see your cities listed and that you have added your PayPal address next to each one. After doing so, click UPDATE underneath to save the info.

The next thing you should do is refer the SmartGuy Opportunity to others to become city network leaders. On a previous call, you heard one leader (Charles) who has earned about $7,000 doing this in his first couple weeks. Just send people to the Affiliate link on SmartGuy (https://www.smartguy.com/page/affiliate) and then have them call me. keep in mind that we give you the first month of their city network fees which they pay us (currently $299). Since they can have up to 3 cities, that can be up to $897.00 you can earn per referral. Then, you now have income which you can use to pay for your city networks as you are building them. Please note, while you can refer family members, you will not receive commissions for them.

A great way to get members into your city fast is to set up an appointment with Jordan (818-414-2514) and the head of your local city chamber or large business networking groups. They will LOVE the advantage of aligning with SmartGuy and how it can earn them monthly revenue (you will forward a percentage of your city revenue with them), increase their sign ups (now offering members a website and online/offline marketing) and increase their retention of members. Again, don't try and sell them on it, only set up a time with Jordan to speak with them. See email template/script below under Materials.

You should be getting email notifications as businesses are joining your particular city. Step 1 means they created their personal Profile, Step 2 means they added their business and Step 3 means they upgraded and paid.

>>> Responding to emails - We recommend you contact the STEP 2 email businesses and ask for the owners information to tell them more about our exclusive referral network and power of SmartGuy (send them www.SeoBoosterPack.com). But you should ALWAYS contact the STEP 3 emails since these are businesses that have upgraded and paid. Call them back and introduce yourself, congratulate them, and let them know you will be assisting them as SmartGuy helps grow their business online and offline. You can also tell them we are working on their custom article and should have it completed, online and hopefully ranked on top of search engines with 2 weeks. Finally, make sure they login and click the NEWS tab as it provides them a QUICKSTART to maximize their benefits of joining SmartGuy®

Within ONE HOUR after a Premium business signs up, make sure they have added an image (or a video even better), that they have filled out as much info as they can, including links, especially their ABOUT SECTION. This is important because Search engines crawl our pages fast - if they don't have ORIGINAL (not copied from a website) info in their about section, it will be ignored by search engines.

Keep a look out for their Custom article and let them know as soon as it is on the first page of search engines. Since we only allow one professional per category and city, the article should be easy to find, they are all in the article section called BEST BUSINESSES or just click here to find it:


Once you have shown them their article (and wowed them) let them know that this is only one part of the TEN things we are doing and maker sure they have logged in and followed their QUICKSTART guide in their logged in NEWS section - ALSO THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO ASK FOR 3 PEOPLE THEY KNOW WHO WOULD MAKE GREAT SMARTGUY® MEMBERS (after all the more members in their city, the more referrals they will get and the greater the strength of the local SEO)

(Template to set up a meeting with Jordan and quickly bring in members into your city networks!)

Hi __________, My name is ___________ and I represent SmartGuy® in the city of ____________.

We are an ONLINE exclusive business referral network with over 100,000 businesses in over 11,000 city business networks worldwide and we are looking to align with ONE local OFFLINE networking group (such as yours) within each city to send our members to.

I just wanted to see if I could set up a short phone meeting between someone from your organization and Jordan Wexler, the CEO of our company SmartGuy.®

Please click to watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywCSuTaBCvU

You will hear how the owner of  very large networking group has greatly benefited from an alliance with SmartGuy®

We feel an alliance with our ONLINE business referral network and your OFFLINE referral network will can be mutually beneficial and help you quickly:

> Increase excitement in your group,
> Generate more new members for you,
> Provide your members many more resources,
> Lower any member fallout you might be experiencing, and most of all,
> Provide an additional revenue source for you.

Please email me back at your earliest convenience so we can arrange a time to tell you more about it and provide you example organizations we have already done this with and the success they experienced as a result....

(Template to set up a meeting with Jordan and quickly bring in members into your city networks!)

Hi __________, My name is ___________ and I represent SmartGuy ® in _____________. We are an online business referral network with over 100,000 businesses in over 11,000 cities.

I am reaching out to you because we are looking to align with ONE local business networking group in _____________  – preferably the _____________  Chamber of
Commerce – to refer our businesses to for membership.

I’m sure you’re wondering “who or what is “SmartGuy?” so, please watch a short video on “How to Ignite Fresh, New Membership Growth in Your Chamber of Commerce by forming an alliance with SmartGuy ® at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywCSuTaBCvU

My experience is that local Chambers of Commerce benefit as much – or more – than we do when you affiliate with us. Other local Chambers we are working with report:

     > Increase excitement among their members,
     > A growth spurt in new members,
     > Member appreciation for the many new resources your alliance with SmartGuy affords them,
     > A quick (and sustained) reduction in attrition, and very importantly,
     > Provide a new, dependable stream of income for the Chamber itself.

    Of course, there are other business networking groups in _____________ , but your Chamber is the crème de la crème, so …I am sending this short email to ask if I may arrange a short preliminary phone conversation between you (or someone you may wish to designate to represent your Chamber) and SmartGuy’s founder and CEO Jordan Wexler.

    FIRST, you might want to watch then video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywCSuTaBCvU

    THEN (assuming you are at least a little bit intrigued about the possibilities of an alliance) please email me back at your earliest convenience or give me a call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Based on the results that other local Chambers across the country are reporting, I promise this will not be a waste of your valuable time.

    Look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    John Smith
    SmartGuy ® City Leader for ___________