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Welcome to the Bellevue Business Network of SmartGuy®, the largest exclusive business network in the world! Build your business using SmartGuy®’s proven techniques.

Bellevue, one of the Pacific NW most beautiful cities, has been characterized as a “Boomburb” because it is growing so fast and has been ranked as one of the best places to live in America. It is a diverse city at the heart of Seattle's scenic Eastside, and home to some of the world's largest most innovative technology companies. More than 145 large companies are located in Bellevue. This means it provides a great opportunity for Small Business Owners to grow and support the many consumers that live and work in this beautiful and prosperous area.

Bellevue Consumers - Enjoy the smarter way to search for a local high-quality business professional. Out of town?  Find a business in the city of your choice by entering it's name and using “CLICK HERE”. Members are listed by profession, view their phone or click for their website information.

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If you wish to be considered for inclusion in our Bellevue SmartGuy® Network Directory, simply add your business using the "Join Us" link below. For more detailed information, click on SmartGuy Info or call our Toll-Free 24/7 recorded hotline:(888) 921-3508 ext. 520.

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You can also contact Rob Kent, the Bellevue City Network Leader by email,, call 206-245-43684, or call SmartGuy directly at 866-576-2784.


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