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Eagles Landing Travel

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Eagles Landing Travel  - Best Travel Agencies & Bureaus in Savannah GA

Looking for the best travel agency in Savannah?  Eagles Landing Travel Agency is dedicated to provide the best travel experience to all of our clients. We provide assistance for the traveler with disabilities or slow walk with the most reliable suppliers of travel that fit their needs. We can have various types of equipment delivered to your travcel destination (like cruise ship) and picked up after your trip is over, Book your Savannah Vacations with us.

Eagles Landing Travel Motto is "We don't remember days We remember moments." As a travel agency we strive to give our clients the best experience and memories while trying to save them money at the same time.

How We Got Started

As a retired person who love to travel, I was introduced to the travel industry by a friend and decided since I was traveling anyway why not make some money as well. I am disabled and saw a need to provide a service for individual with disabilities because there was not a lot of information being provided about the equipment they can have on cruises excursions and trips.

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