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LLBB Inc Real Estate

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Mid-city. Springhill. West Mobile. Across the Bay. All over town. LLB&B is opening doors to homes of all sizes, finding the perfect address for new and established customers alike. Recognized as Mobile/Baldwin’s premiere upscale real estate company since 1986, LLB&B prides itself on people and versatility. Our agents receive continuous training and education. Many have worked with the company since its inception. Our ability to listen and understand your needs sets us apart. And our reputation for integrity, trust and service is the top reason LLB&B is chosen again and again. LLB& B enjoys a large client and corporate referral base, enhanced by excellent working relationships with area financial institutions, appraisers, attorneys and accountants. We know the market and the goal: to make your real estate experience pleasant and problem-free. We realize homes and dreams come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to real estate, we’re here to help you obtain both-- whatever, wherever they are.

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9am 5pm MF

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3315A Old Shell Rd
Mobile AL USA, 366072506
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Julie Minto
251 3423200
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